London Posted Lately?

Check writing time draws near.

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LOL! His cocksure bet is maybe the last vestige of hope that its not ED or BLJ?

He is probably swooning on the Ole Miss boards now.

I hope I’m Clay’s favorite charity


If London and Elmo are one and the same, his record is better than most of ours. Elmo was absolutely correct about Morris not being the right guy. I don’t know that they are one and the same though, although London’s conviction sure seems the same as Elmo’s.

I am not a Vegas odds maker, but picking right when the choice is either right or wrong, ie a 50% chance of choosing correctly, does not make one a football savant in my mind!

I wish they’d ban London. He just clutters threads I otherwise want to read.

I guess the CIA called him back to their think tank. He’s too valuable to US security to leave our too long, scoping college coaching searches.