What a way to start.

Is anyone surprised? Game over before it starts

Plenty of game left

Guess we forgot about telling players to stay in their lane.

Oh what about putting some starters out there.

I would take someone that could run a 4.5 to leave back by the kicker…just in case.

1st down into a pile for nothing. Somethings never change. I’m in a time warp and can’t get out.

This hire is worse than the JL Smith hire.

1 post on another name eh elmo

I feel a new strategy in kickoff coverage is at hand.
Kick the ball out of bounds from now on since we obviously don’t have the athletes to cover kickoffs in the field of play.
This strategy would at least give our defense an opportunity to limit damage and perhaps eat up a bit of clock.
Those quick scores in special teams can be demoralizing and hard to overcome especially if you have a team that may have a fragile psyche to begin with.

Go Hogs!

Over before it started unfortunately. Our kids have lost so much and often they don’t believe they can win. Do they want to win? Of course, but wanting and believing are far different.

To win a game like this you have to have total belief and confidence…

That won’t come until this roster is flipped.

We’ll see

Looking like we are having a one win season. Yet another 1st down up the gut into a pile season. In a time warp I can’t get out.

Have you see how it’s gone when they’ve tried to pass it? LOL


Multiple times - OL can’t protect. Absolute mismatch on both lines of scrimmage

Gas, we can’t throw the ball if the OL cant block a toddler, and we can’t complete a pass if the receivers can’t get separation or catch the ball.

Have to watch the game.

I understand being upset, I’m upset.

But when you watch the game and really observe it, you realize our Lack of talent is so troubling.

Nice mix. Unpredictable, tempo was up. Looked talented.