LOL. Wouldn’t you just know it

Is anyone surprised by the gear this idiot is wearing?

Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) Tweeted:
Anti-masker in Alaska gets kicked out of Walmart & has a public meltdown

What you have to love is his hat and paints! Perfect.

What a freaking moron… Needs to put down that pipe.

first of all, that’s a guy who needs to meet the police ASAP. if he’s that out of control in a walmart, he really appears to be a dangerous guy.

secondly they handled that so well until the video’er got a little emotional, although it’s REALLY hard to stay calm when someone is yelling at you 6 inches from your face, spitting everywhere in a viral pandemic.

thirdly, no one on earth is going to enjoy that video more than Clay Henry, lol. if anyone needs some last minute gift ideas for Clay, those gloves would be a great idea!


What a piece! This happened to my clinic little over a week ago. I’m the only male there so the guy really intimidated my staff. That’s not the way to establish yourself to a new professional relationship or any type relationship for that matter. Cussing at my people is just bad form and really sours me, so try to be civil…which I find lacking these days. Easy for me to tell my guy to hit the road and find him another doctor in the phone book.
The UT apparel was priceless


People have rights, but this guy took it way too far

Good grief dude. I’m thinking his breath and spittle probably wreaked of booze :tumbler_glass:.
Kudos to the Walmart staff for staying cool.

Typical of ut fans. They still believe they are so entitled.

If I’d been there I would have started flashing a double down horn sign and singing Texas Bite as loud as I could, with proper social distancing, of course. :rofl:

What he fails to understand, (other than civility) is that Wal-Mart has rights, too. So do Wal-Mart employees.

Yeah, I don’t understand these people who think they have some sort of constitutional right not to wear a mask in a private business. Then again, as someone else said, UT fans are extremely entitled. Although I started this thread, even I acknowledge this guy does not typify all UT fans. Some probably. But I think this guy is a unique form of jerk. He’s ridiculous.

I’ve lived in Texas for 25 years now and sadly there are lots more just like him all around me.

We all wear seatbelts. Its the law. Does that violate our constitutional rights?
We all stop on red and go on green.
We all stop at stop signs.

I don’t get the big deal about wearing masks. I really don’t.
I don’t wanna have to go 55mph lots of times. But that’s the way it goes.

Dude was nuts…and his attire said it all. Though I dare say if he went off like that in Austin itself, things would have gone just as bad or worse.

Made my day when I saw it. He’s in Alaska. He has been up all night. Deja vu all over again. That will make you go crazy, especially a T-sipper!

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