LOL, The Feeding Frenzy is well underway!

Didn’t take long, though I’m not surprised, for the usual culprits here to start tearing and slashing at everyone who showed any interest in the 2d highest profile coach in the SEC. Already that effort has been tarred and feathered and and every deplorable name/phrase imaginable has been attached to all who was hopeful for GM. The rest of us should probably just get out of their way for awhile and let the self-anointed seers satiate their appetite for the flesh of Gus supporters.

As for me, I’m not terribly disappointed, nor surprised. Think he would have been great for what we need, don’t think he was a do-or-die option for sure. Looking forward to what lies ahead for our prgm. Absolutely will not buy into the doom and gloom being predicted and laid at the feet of the effort to get Gus on board. WPS!

Boo freakin hoo.

The only person to be mad at is Gus.

It was perfectly reasonable to kick the tires on him. I don’t begrudge anyone who wanted him. I would have even held my nose and supported him had he really meant all the dream job BS and actually had the nerve to leave a better situation.

That’s one reason I do staunchly supported CBB. He had no reason to leave Wiscy and take a chance on us. He did and it derailed his career.

But, I’m not going to apologize for ripping Gus and the people that think that end justified any means. We fired one of the best ADs in America for no reason other than that he probably saw Gus playing us coming from a mile away.

I’ve been pretty calm about all this until Charlie Strong was mentioned

With knowing him at Louisville I had a very high respect for him but a dismissive lawsuit and Texas performance later

I am
Totally against him for consideration for Arkansas -

If you want a coach with Texas ties go Kevin Sumlin or the SMU coach - what’s his name? Morris?

My thoughts exactly. Gus played us in a way that burns those fans that are not Gus Bus fans but were willing to accept him. I was worried about the FBI investigating Auburn BB and that the FBI will look at their FB program. AU is in crazy mode with Bruce pearl not cooperating with the NCAA investigation. Malzahn and the other turn coat Arkansawyers on his staff are vapor to me.

I stand with Boar!

You paint with a very broad brush…and seem to enjoy it.

If that’s not you, then it’s not you. Nothing personal aimed at you.

But, yes, I do take some satisfaction in not falling for Gus’ tired but remarkably effective charade.

Just genuinely curious, who of the Gus supporters do you think “fell” for Gus’ Charade…as opposed to say, just simply not knowing exactly what was going on behind the scenes (which by the way neither did you), and hoping that a Gus hire might work out.