lol shocker Vaughn picks us to go off on

what a joke of a defensive team we are!! can’t stop a 300 lb midget from getting to the hoop!! and add to the fact we only have about 2-3 shooters on this team why we can’t shoot FT really miss Dusty watkins and Moses add all that up and you got a team that has absolutley no chance to do anything this yr.

Hey, we’ll probably be around 500 in SEC play.

maybe 500 at best

Don’t disagree…

It’s looking like maybe a .500 team in SEC play. This road gauntlet coming up could get real ugly. They have certainly lost their way. Gotta find it, or a very promising season could vanish. Better win at home, or that wonderful RPI and strength of schedule will be sitting at the house. That would be tragic.

Yes and we have a senior laden team.

Probably not happening. After we lose this game, we would have to go 7-5. No way.