LOL...NOW...NCAA will change reviews on fumbles

I think ESPN should dub us “Screw U”… :smirk:

2009 - After multiple egregious calls against Arkansas in the Swamp, the entire officiating crew is suspended by the SEC…

1982…Terrible and incorrect pass interference call against Arkansas in the SMU game leads to a tie ball game…after the season, the PI rule is changed from a spot foul to 15 yards from the line of scrimmage.

1964 - After more than a decade of college football fans demanding that the AP and UPI conduct a poll AFTER the Bowls are played, it is only after #2 ranked Arkansas defeats Nebraska in the Cotton Bowl to finish 11-0, while defending National Champion Texas (who Arkansas gave their only loss of the season, in Austin) defeated #1 ranked Alabama in the Orange Bowl that the AP changes it’s policy (the next season) to conduct such a post-Bowl poll. As a result, undefeated Arkansas - who obviously would have been a nearly unanimous pick as #1 had a post-Bowl vote been taken in 1964 - is regarded by modern day fans as being the lesser of the claimants on that crown, since they don’t understand the dynamics of the situation and just assume whoever AP named was the “better” team. Ironically, Alabama benefits that year and also the next, when their 1 loss, 1 tie team catapults over THREE teams ranked ahead of it (one of which was Arkansas) in the final regular season AP poll after all 3 lose their Bowl games while Bama wins theirs.

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They need reverse the outcome of our game or put an asterisk on it.

Interesting timing/acknowledgement of new area.

My dad’s favorite saying comes to mind:

“Son, it’s not paranoia if they are really out to get you”!


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I don’t know whether to be gratified or just more pissed off

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They need officially say we won and our record is 2-1


Hold the line here! They did a replay. A replay was not disallowed; it was performed. Then we got screwed.

Nothing’s changed in all this.

I think they should change our record to 2 wins and 1 loss and not change the Tiggers present record. In other words, we both won.

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And after an undefeated year in 1965 Arkansas was out in the cold after losing the bowl game. The year before they would have won.

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The way things work: This week we will have a fumble call go AGAINST us because of the new procedures, that would have gone our way under the old.


Seems like Arkansas’s screwings result in changes but do us no good. After our undefeated 11-0 national championship season AP & UPI awarded the NC to Alabama before Texas beat them in the Orange Bowl. The next year AP changed when it would vote. UPI changed a year after that.

In 1971 after we got screwed by SEC refs in the Liberty Bowl, they changed the rule so that officials had to come from a conference not affiliated with either team.

Now after we get screwed at Au by the replay, they change the replay rules.

Damn, sometimes it’s hard being a Hog fan.


I live in an area highly populated by Bama fans. I give them down the road for claiming a NC in 1964. Of coarse they are arrogant enough to justify their claim of a NC.

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Granting us a victory aside,

I actually think it would have been more respectful to wait until after the season was over to come out with this. This really is like rubbing salt in a wound. Who the hell thought this would be a good idea to put out there right now?

Yes & no. At least this is the closest we’ll ever get to an admission by the whole college football world that we were screwed. By coming out now, everyone knows what precipitated the change.

Marty…apparently neither you nor NEA finished reading my post…

Imagine that, Razorbacks setting the bar once again!

Exactly, the call under the current rules for the game when played were not followed… that’s like the neighbor shooting your dog penned up in your backyard and volunteering to sell the gun.

The way I understand it, replay officials were given some “guidance” by the NCAA supervisor (Steve Shaw) on the timeline for waiting for a recovery of a live ball after the whistle. The rule wasn’t changed nor was the way to interpret the play, just a little coaching on what to do in line with the current rule. I figure they will adjust the actual rule after the season. It’s not possible to change rules or an interpretation guideline during the season “unless it helps avoid injury.” The only way a rule or a way to interpret the rules can change is by a vote of the competition committee. Interestingly, Hunter Yurachek is on that committee. I would guess he will have the rule adjusted next winter.

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