Lol...NOW Big 10 is considering a Thanksgiving start

Lordy, how they have mishandled this whole process…

BIG considers Thanksgiving start

Scroll down to end (below) for full effect…

If 2020 were a Power 5 Conference:

Crawfish season ends in Arkansas usually in early June. I think it has just started in Big Ten country


We are laying some pretty heavy karmic bets on a successful SEC football season.

Not-so-much…things can still go awry, of course.

But even if they do, at least the SEC will have given it every reasonable chance, and will call the season off once instead of waffling with the breeze the way the BIG has…that’s what this post is about.

There’s a way to go about this, and a way not to. I’ll let you guess which conference is which.

SEC is betting that waiting three weeks will allow them to start the season. Maybe so. But it could also put them into the teeth of the fall flu season on top of COVID-19. Big Ten may yet be proven correct.

Now, they better check w the Governor of Michigan and see if it’s ok with her! :sunglasses:

Big 10 is a.big joke and will hurt them for several years. Also Nebraska is probably going to sue the league what a mess. Presidents and ADs are not on same page. I’m glad we are in SEC (thank you Frank) even though we have to play both Georgia and Florida!

So when everyone else is getting ready to play basketball the BIG is going to start football, what a joke of a league. I feel sorry for Nebraska!

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Swine, I’ve been wondering if it may be possible that the normal flu season may not be as bad this season due to how we’ve been living our lives due to CoVid19.
We don’t usually social distance, wear masks and place so much attention on washing our hands while disinfecting most things that we come into contact with daily.
Hopefully, this will help and perhaps the percentage of folks that opt in to get the flu vaccination this season will increase as well.

I was at the pharmacy yesterday getting part two of my shingles vaccine, and they asked if I’d like to get my flu shot. So I got that out of the way. No side effects from either

I think your assumption could be right. I’ve read the flu is down significantly in some Latin American countries for that very reason. Masks, less contact, less hand shaking etc.

Goodness, I hope so @dfarris. I’ll be getting a flu shot and a pneumonia shot this year. I’ve not done the pneumonia shot before, but I’m taking whatever is available. I admit to being a little worried about attending the radio show, but I’ll see how I feel after the first one.

The first shingles shot hurt me for about 2 weeks. And my wife was sick for two days with it. The druggist warned us of both.

I always do the flu shot.

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