LOL....nothing but “goods”....

Hall and Gafford had a couple reaching fouls, they did give up a few open 3s…but really just super impressed with the intensity and skill level. My brother and I were shaking our heads at how Barford and Macon make the hard play look routine. A similar feeling of awe was watching Gafford take an entry pass on the run, gather his feet and make a 10ft floater (did it 3 Times). Hall is an ATH-O-LETE and once he “figures things out” will be great one. I could go on and on about how each player did something well.

Gafford is amazing. He seems to shoot “layups” DOWN on the goal from the circle. And, we haven’t even seen his full shot-blocking prowess bc of foul trouble.

I’ll refrain from bragging on one other area for DG bc I don’t want to jinx it.

Very much enjoyed the game, from Bradley’s commentary to the bench exploding after Hall’s monstrous slam at the end. Still way early, but excited about this team. Seem to be a tight unit.