lol...Jimbo was SO offended at the idea his class was "bought"...but

…here is their recruiting pitch…

disgusting, but at least they are open about it now. they’ve been doing it since before Eric Dickerson.


I wish the tour for recruits would be from XNA to Bentonville, where they would visit Wal Mart HQ and receive a nice gift package that includes a fat prospective NIL deal. The tour would head south and stop by JB Hunt for another treat, then on to Springdale visit Tyson Foods for some yummy treat$. There are other companies that could grab a piece of the action. This corner of Arkansas contains considerable economic power. If the controlling powers would like to see the Razorbacks succeed, they need to learn how to play the game under the new rules.


I’ve been hoping to see our entire offensive line pictured on ABF trucks I see on the Interstate in Alabama. Why not?

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