LOL @ Jerry Palm

This was the same guy last year that was saying after we lost to Vanderbilt we had to win @SC and @FL to feel comfortable that we would make the tournament. We lost @FL and we ended up safely in the tournament as an 8 seed.

If we win 7 of 9 we would be 22-9 with an RPI in the 20s. We’d be in the 5-7 seed range. Lunardi is no danger of being overthrown as the top bracketologist.

Yes, that is a really high bar he is setting for simply making the tournament. As you said, a finish like that would not only make the tournament but would get us a very good seed.

Yep…Palm’s a clown. I would say 6-3 is a LOCK and 5-4 would probably be ok.

Palm was tossing out the same things last year.

Not sure why he does stuff like that.

As someone noted, he’s no Lunardi.

He’s such an outlier it makes you wonder why Bo had him on his show.

Because he’s Bo

In fairness, he didn’t say that’s what it would take to make it.
He said that’s what was needed to feel certain.

The best way to feel certain about it is to win the SEC Tournament, which very well may be wide open this year.

That’s true

I’d much rather have a tourney spot locked up before the SEC tournament. Unless you are Final Four material or have to win it to get in you don’t want to leave you best basketball in the conference tournament, and that is usually what it takes to win it.

I agree. Then again, a Cinderella run to the championship, ala NC State, is still a championship. But I agree. Unless, you’re a top-four conference seed, a run to the SEC title would be taxing. It’s best–and I think it will happen–to lock up the Dance before the tournament.

Yes he was. Him and Rothstein were on Bo’s show all last year telling us the SEC was no more than a 3 bid league and there wasn’t any quality wins in the league. Yet the SEC put 5 teams safely in the field. Vandy was the lowest as a 9 seed. And we had a couple others in Bama and Ole Miss who were close.

I think Palm knows what he’s doing, he likes being the villian. He argues with fans all the time on twitter.

Fwiw Lunardi, who had us as a 9 before last night’s game and would have moved us to an 8 with a win.

When asked if the loss hurt us he replied “not really”.

So, again, while a frustrating loss, I’m not sure it moved the needle nearly as much as it felt like to some. … 7405545473

I agree last night’s loss wasn’t that damaging to our NCAA resume.

However, Me personally, it did damage my perception of the team. I thought CMA had got their attention and I expected a team to at least fight hard at A&M (didn’t expect us to win). That second half was just beyond horrible. It seemed like nobody cared that they were just getting wide open 3 after wide open 3. That’s concerning to me especially when you have a senior laden team. They should have gotten the memo by now and start showing a sense of urgency.

With that said I still think they’ll make the tournament. We’ll play well enough at home and the crowds will get us through those games. And we’ll probably win 1 more road game, my guess is we’ll beat LSU, they are probably the worst team in the league right now. I just don’t have any higher expectations other than us making the tournament. Last year was just a different vibe to me, although we had struggles at times, I still felt like they were a very good team and we had multiple guys that could carry us on any given night and most of all our defense was decent. We’re really seeing the affects right now of a team without Kingsley and Watkins being the leaders and holding guys accountable on defense. We have NOBODY on this year’s team that’s going to get onto guys and get in their faces for missing defensive assignments, because they all do it.

This team lacks the discipline and decision making to make a run. Their resume got hosed by losing to Moo U on the road and coughing up a 6 point lead. Then a home loss to LSU. They were trending for a 6-7 seed then. The respect issue is what they have to overcome. You sure don’t get it by playing flat! The hogs better wake up and start playing with a sense of urgency.
Every team we play these next 9 games can beat the hogs if they don’t play well.
It’s February and I’m hoping MA gets them humming.
I’d rather be 10 seed over a 8 or 9 seed.
The games on the schedule allow the hogs to move the needle up but they have to win the remaining home games. Please get a couple on the road.

This is the way I took it as well. And I agree. 22-9 would be comfortably in. However, I’d be puckered up at 20-11.

I believe the hogs have been left out of the Dance with a 22-9 record once before. I may be wrong but I think it happened.
They need to win a few by double digits and let it fly.

The SEC wasn’t as good as it is now back then

I went back to Eddie, and all the way through CMA. The closest was Portis’ freshmen year. We finished the regular season 21-10 and lost the first game of the SECT. We finished the season 22-12. But if we’ve won 22 prior to Selection Sunday, we’ve been selected.

And Dudley is correct, that year the SEC was considered weaker.

Edit: I stand corrected, in 1925-26 The Francis Schmidt led Hogs went 23-2 and didn’t make a postseason (11-1, 1st in conference). Also, in 35-36 Coach Glen Rose led AR to a 24-3 record (11-1, 1st in conference) and no post season, but since 37, if they’ve won 20 before Selection Sunday, they’ve made the Dance, with the exception of the 13-14 season I mentioned above.

You did a little research there.