LOL it never fails after a huge game like that the next day you struggle

that is so weird how that happens but it does 95% of the time,same thing happened to auburn scored 25 yesterday and got 3 today LOL

This Bucknell reliever, Gottesman, is actually the team’s No. 2 starter. He didn’t get the start this weekend because they weren’t happy with where his pitch count was coming into the weekend.

yes hes pretty good and to be honest we would 2 hrs to right if the wind hadn’t knocked them down.

Good point on the wind. It is a lot different than yesterday when it was out of the north and blowing out.

I’m glad the hogs had at least 1 close game in this series. You don’t learn much about your team blowing people out. The real test will happen when they are down late and have to battle to pull out a win! Last year I never thought the hogs were out of a game.
It was to see the hogs score a lot of runs.
What I liked the most was seeing the part of the depth in the pitching staff. This will be an exciting year for hog fans!

Yes I’m very impressed with this team,.i see no weakness so far. I see better pitching and hitting depth,could be a great team but with this schedule I’m sure we will struggle a little here and there.

Throwing strikes is the key. Bucknell walked 30 batters in the first two games, only four today. Three double plays Sunday helped Bucknell pitching too. Luke Bonfield hit one to right center today that would have been off the scoreboard the previous two days.

I was impressed by Heston Kjerstad all weekend. He got doubled off second on a bad base running play today, but he was dang good in every other category for the entire weekend. He’s a terrific player.

This is a solid, deep and talented squad. I don’t remember seeing anything like it at Arkansas.

This was billed as a terrific freshmen class. Nothing I’ve seen in the fall or so far this winter has changed my opinion on that.

I bet that Evan Lee learned a valuable lesson about playing 1B today. After the batter struck out, Koch threw a bullet to 1B to pick off the runner, but Lee was not on the bag and the runner advanced to 2B. Koch got the error, but it was on Lee.

BTW, Lee looks good at 1B. IIRC, he had not played there before fall ball.

I wouldn’t say the Razorbacks “struggled” Sunday. I think McKinney struggled a little, but the rest of the team played well, if not perfectly. We got plenty of hits, scored three runs, allowed just one and pretty much kept the other guys off the bases.

I didn’t see many bad at-bats by our guys. They had good approaches and were mostly patient. The wind knocked down a lot of well-hit balls for both teams, so if the pitchers stayed around the strike zone it was going to be a low-scoring game no matter what.

I wasn’t thrilled with Grant Koch’s first-pitch DP grounder with the bases loaded, but he’s a great hitter so second-guessing him is kind of silly for a guy sitting on his couch or munching on a hot dog in the grandstand. Great hitters fail seven times out of 10. Besides, he hit it hard and if it gets through it’s a four-run lead — that’s like four touchdowns on a day like Sunday.

I can also forgive McKinney’s control issues given that he hasn’t pitched in more than a year. The rest of the pitchers were lights out.

On the other side, Bucknell, a decent mid-major team, threw batting practice to us after falling behind early in the first two games so they could hold their two best pitchers for a chance to win Sunday. Not a bad strategy that could have worked given the wind conditions. But our pitching and defense were too much for them. Though it was a tight game, the result was never much in doubt midway through.

Close game? Yes. Struggle? No. That’s baseball.

wasn’t in any way shape or form a knock on the team but since you act like you follow baseball surely you have noticed that when a team puts huge runs like we did 95 % of the time they come back with 2-3 runs the next day,same thing happened to Auburn they scored 25 Sat and got 3 sun…just weird how that happens is the reason for the post… nothing else.

I am a big fan of Evan Lee. I root for him. However, I am not comfortable with him a first base. Even when he is fielding on a routine throw he doesn’t earn style points from me. For the good of the team, Gates needs to be at first. You have plenty of talent to play third. So far, I like the look of the freshman, Casey Martin.

I have seen Evan Lee at first during the fall and thought he was terrific. I believe you will see that he’s a fine defensive first baseman in time. He made some plays in the January scrimmages that were the rave of preseason camp. Dives and back hand stops. I think he’s going to be fine there as far as defense, maybe better than Chad Spanberger.