Lol. Honey Badger

Brady making him choke on his trash talking. Funny.

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It’s the highlight of the night so far. I love seeing that jerk get his __ handed to him on a platter. Honey Badger…the goat…

This game showcases how important it is to get pressure on the QB. They’ve neutralized Mahomes with pressure. And TB running the football almost at will has also kept him off the field. And then there’s Brady…


Having both offensive tackles injured and not playing made a huge difference in Kansas City’s offense. No matter how good your skill players are, most everything still revolves around the offensive line.


Exactly what I was thinking, especially toward the end of the game. But even going down Mahomes almost pulled off a couple of miracles.

KC couldn’t block the Tampa line. And that’s all she wrote. But the KC receivers gave Mahomes no help. Plenty of drops.


Don’t know what was said between Brady and HB but I think they should’ve kept the flag off the ground unless HB said something really bad.

Nobody blocks Suh. That guy is one bad dude. Mahomes was running for his life, literally.

If I were an NFL GM, I’d reference that game the next time anyone complains about drafting an offensive lineman in the first round, especially a tackle. Eric Fisher’s value was so evident last night.

I saw a stat that Mahomes is 34-4 as a starter when Fisher also starts, but 4-5 when Fisher does not start. It seems that a tackle’s greatness is appreciated most when they don’t play.


:bell: :bell: :bell:

And that was my fear long before the game began.

Brady reportedly apologized to Mathieu after the game, so the GOAT was running his mouth about something.

The video I saw had HB going up to TB and mouthing off and then TB chased after him and mouthed off and I guess that’s when HB said something that got him flagged. Like I said I would’ve likely kept the flag in my pocket.

I posted this in another thread:

“He called me something I won’t repeat but yeah I’ll let all the media throw me under the bus as if I did something or said something to him…go back to my previous games against TB12 I showed him nothing but respect,” Mathieu said in the tweet. “Look at my interviews about him…I show grace.”

Brady apologized to him. You Brady fans should have known that like Larry Bird, Brady is one of the best trash talkers around,

It’s ok in that case.

And again, Michael Irvin confirmed after listening to the NFL tapes that Brady said nothing racial. Anything else is pretty typical of football.

Pj, what does Larry Bird have to do with Tom Brady?

Both white guys who played in Boston, won a lot and talked a lot of trash.

SwineFusion the question was to PJ, not you.

Do you have anything else to do?