lol...Florida State fans wishing they had Pittman instead of Norvell


Sorry. Guess I get to read it because I subscribe over there as well…

But it does remind me…I’ve been meaning to mention the same thing to you about the Athletic articles you post frequently. Most of us don’t subscribe and can’t read them. Not trying to start any kind of dust-up…just reminded by your post here.

Anyway, a lot of their fans look at our success, contrast it to what’s going on at FSU and are not very happy. Most of them are very complimentary of Sam and our program.

Kind of ironic.


Good find Wiz. Your point on paywall articles is valid too, but Swine, in fairness is not the only poster putting up articles from the Athletic. I have my own limit on how many sites I will subscribe too. Would not want to see Clay et al ban articles from competitor subscription websites. Some do.

BTW, at least 1 poster was bemoaning Briles’ run game vs fsu passing on 3rd and 1. Lol

I generally do a Cliffs Notes version when I post Athletic because I know it’s paywall, Dave.

Richard asked me to stop posting links to 247 articles. I was just posting articles that were public access about recruiting. I’m not a member there, so it wasn’t insider info.

This you posted, wasn’t a recruiting article, so that may be different. He said he considers 247 as a competitor web site. I have noticed, in the last couple months, 247 is blocking me from some info I’ve had access to for several years.

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