Lol...early season RPI is so funny

TCU ranked ahead of Ark and Ole Miss, even though both of us beat them.

Texas went 0-3 and moved UP 20 spots.

I understand it’s because of too few data points, etc…but still funny…

Of course, these things take care of themselves if we keep winning…

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But, there are not enough Big 12 teams left?

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RPI is strength of schedule, Wiz, as you know. They played three killer SEC programs. We played two killer Big 12 programs, and Texass :rofl:

Yes…it’s mostly who you play, and who “they” play…but it’s also YOUR W/L percentage. Hard for me to see how someone with a .333 winning percentage could be ranked about someone with a 100% (1.0) winning percentage, all other things (schedule) being more or less equal.

Again, I’ve long since learned that RPI and similar rankings aren’t meaningful until you get several games into a season. Still makes for some odd movement early.

They must start out with presumptions, though. Those presumptions must be based on history or some evaluation of individuals on the team. Otherwise there’s no reason to think TT or UT are any good at all. They are both 0-3.

Even worse is that the history must be rather old. We were what last year, 11-6? We were 0-3 in that tournament in Houston last year.

If I remember the RPI formula, it’s 75 percent who you’ve played and who THEY’VE played, and 25 percent how you did. So TCU’s 75 percent (6-0 opponents’ record in games not involving TCU) outweighed the 1-2 record. And Texass’ opponents have a 5-1 record in games not involving Dead Bevo.

Part of the purpose of that tournament, if you gave DVH truth serum, is to get some quality nonconference opposition to put on your RPI list instead of opening with Eastern Illinois or Bucknell. But both the 2018 and 2020 teams had tournaments the second weekend, and the CWS runner-up team only managed 2-2 on a West Coast road trip that second weekend with losses to Cal Poly and Muss’ alma mater, USan Diego. In 2019 we went to Cali the second weekend to play USC and took 2 of 3 from the Broomheads.

Dave also wanted to show recruits that they are going to play in a fabulous MLB park. And also he liked the idea they were going to play inside. And yes quality opponents is another reason. You find out about your team. Texas also found out some things. :grinning:

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I really hope Van Horn gets at least one National Championship. He just works so hard and has built this program up so much.

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He’s going to formula is in place! May be this year! It takes guy’s that can play and help team win going to school with no baseball money, Older guys that are leaders, young guys that are dud’s and most of all top notch pitcher. That is in place this year and years to come.

I agree. If any coach deserves a national title, it’s DVH. The problem, especially in baseball, is that so many things can factor into whether you win one. We know the best team doesn’t always win. You have to be good enough where luck matters, but luck still matters. 90% of the time one of our guys catches that pop foul in Omaha. That’s how close we were. I can’t say we were a better team than OSU, but had we won, no one would’ve thought it a fluke.

That FSU coach, who was awfully good & had some really good teams, never won the NC.

Thing is, once you win the first one, it seems like the 2nd one is easier to get. So. Carolina won 2 in a row.

(I sure wish we’d have beaten UCLA in '95 to have had two basketball NC’s in a row.)

I was in bed recovering from a hip replacement when we were playing OSU. When that pop foul hit the ground, not only did I squeal in literal pain from jumping up, but I hung my head because, like many of us, I just KNEW that OSU was going to win that game. Ugh… I felt so bad for the kids more than anything. Errors happen; I certainly made my share, but that was just such bad timing.

It will make the Natty he wins all the sweeter.

Another example of “the best team doesn’t always win”.

Razorback baseball has had some really good teams. Some could hit, and pitching was so-so. ('09). Some could pitch and hitting was so-so. It has been building and building. Now it looks like we have both pitching and hitting. Of course it is really early, but I like the look so far.

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It’s not like we tore the cover off the ball, except for Slavens and Battles. We hit .237 there. Those L9 teams had good pitching and we hit some at-em balls, but we really didn’t show much on offense other than those two. We did show we know how to take a walk though. And we can win games when the offense isn’t clicking on all cylinders.

Yes, but that was against mostly elite pitching/elite teams…and it’s only 3 games. I’d be stunned if this team didn’t end up batting .290 or better by the end of the season.

And much more encouraging than the raw stats was the way our offense stepped up at critical moments in each game. Having more runs than the other team is the name of the game, and this team responded well to meet that goal.

DVH currently has Baseball where Frank had Football for the entirety of the 60’s, and where Nolan had Basketball from 89 to 95…each and every year, we’ve got a legit chance to make it to Omaha and make some noise there. Once your there…it’s a crapshoot. The more times you’re there, the better your odds of winning it all.

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Not an error. Maybe it should have been caught, but it’s a tough, tough play. As tough as any in baseball and definitely not an error.


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