LOL @ Ben Howland

Been cheating since he got to Starkville and still can’t make the tournament. With their loss tonight, they essentially need to win the tournament or get pretty close to have a chance.

I don’t like Bruce Pearl, but at least when he cheats he gets results and their fans get a nice ride along the way.

All I am begging for is the widespread cheating get brought to the forefront and not swept under the rug. No handslaps like NC got. Punish the guilty. It’s the right thing to do.

The FBI may file some more criminal charges. I doubt that the NCAA does anything to players or head coaches. History says they will not.

The gutless NCAA will change the rules before they punish a blue blood!
Greaseball “Cal” has his idea of how to fix college basketball but my idea is a lot different. Ban all coaches who have had 2 strikes with the NCAA! Get rid of them all!

After the pass the NCAA gave to North Carolina and the ridiculously weak penalties they laid on Ole Miss for the academic fraud and cheating…the NCAA has proven it doesn’t really want to punish any school, especially a basketball blue blood like North Carolina or even a run of the mill school like Ole Miss. Once upon a time, schools were afraid if the SEC came to town…now, not so much. Ole Miss is off and running again like nothing happened after a 5 year investigation.

One of the common knocks on CMA from his critics is that it took him four years to get to the NCAAT. It took Pearl four years at Auburn, and it looks like it will take Howland four years as well at MSU. Both are “good” recruiters with everything that apparently entails.

I don’t know what Howland is going to do, he had a top 5 recruiting class and did absolutely nothing with it.

I don’t know what he was thinking with their nonconference schedule. Their rotation does not overly depend on frosh. If they had played anybody in November and December they might be on the right side of the bubble at the moment. I wish them nothing but ill in terms of results, but many of their road losses are close. They should be pretty good next year if the NCAA doesn’t decimate their roster.

One big man transferred from MooU a few weeks ago! He’s making room for another 5 star? He won’t get as many calls at Moo U as he did at UCLA. I hope Ben Holland never makes the Dance.
It could be possible that he’s Greaseball “Cal’s” brother ! Seth will help him recruit some more top talent.

If the NCAA comes down on Misstake, does Reggie Perry transfer to Arkansas?