LOL Auburn dancin

Auburn was dancing on EOE-K’s logo last night. EOE-K took exception…

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Crazy is doing the same behavior over and over again and expecting different results.


Especially with Lying Bruce as Head Coach. Auburn fails to show sportsmanship in a positive manner. I’m glad they lost.


Pearl might want to change his game plan slightly.

Baseball players know better. If you do something unusual before a game and then lose, you NEVER do it again.


I’m surprised Pearl didn’t get pelted with mustard packets like Lame did, since he used to coach ut.


Its waned over the years, but early on and even now there are lots of UT fans that still like Pearl and think his show cause was too harsh. Having said, theres probably more by now that genuinely dislike him, mostly though because he is the AU coach, not because of his antics while here. Just an fyi, pearl continued to live here and was “out-and-about” in the community, until he took Auburn job. Finally sold his home here (which he said he hoped to come back to some day), 3 or 4 years ago. But yeah, everybody around here loves to hate on Kiff.

Pearl is scum. Almost Petrino level…maybe less of a outward jerk but just as sleazy. Maybe even more sleazy.


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