Logistics of new hires

With the hiring of coach Enos, what are all of the logistical details with moving him and his family to Fayetteville? For example, when will his family move and how much of the tab does the UA pay? Where does coach Enos stay while his family is back at Maryland? How much is the dislocation allowance for a new coaching hire? Who picks up the tab?
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I remember reading that in recent years, new coaches have often stayed in apartments (The Links, I think) that the university has a deal with until they had time to find a permanent place.

I do know any of the other answers.

Who helps him get all of the turtle gear off of his Twitter profile!

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At least he doesn’t have to look at those ugly Maryland uniforms and helmets anymore.

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Under ‘other … contract details’ is information about what the university will pay regarding moving expenses, temporary housing, and perks.

That John Nabor’s podcast on: Did Sam Pittman and Arkansas play Kendall Briles was AWESOME!!!

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This guy said the day before the Podcast that the hire was official. https://www.on3.com/college/tcu-horned-frogs/news/offensive-coordinator-kendal-briles-official-head-coach-sonny-dykes/

Still think he is right about Sam and Yurachek saying that’s it and they probably negotiated a reduction in Briles buyout if he kept quiet until the portal closed and that gave them the time to make the Enos hire.

I believe mdw is correct that they put the new assistants in an apartment until they have time to extract themselves from previous housing and find permanent housing in NWA, plus the $25K in moving expenses. Having moved a few times myself over the years, it ain’t cheap, and I don’t have the amount of stuff that an Enos would have with a high six-figure salary over the years. Nobody was paying my expenses either.

In watching the podcast and the segment about the mistake in the basketball game, as a Hog fan I would obviously know about the multiple acknowledgements about mistakes versus us, but wonder how many times this has occurred in other events? I guess I have enough of a homer mentality to assume this has happened to us more than anyone else, but in an effort to be semi factual, do others remember similar mea culpas?

The review process has seemingly been a coffee break for the officials before sticking it too the Hogs. The acknowledgment of the mistake has all the benefit of patting someone on the back who just got sun burned.

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I went back through the SEC Officiating Twitter feed, which is where this mea culpa was made. That’s the only time I can find that they admitted a basketball officiating screwup. As we’re all too aware, SEC football refs screw up all the time.


Sorry Guy……I fell asleep lol

The Lindsey Company has always furnished apartments (and they are furnished) for coaches until houses are sold and bought and they move. It could take several months.

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