Login Problems again. Getting really old!

Can read post here, but not stuff from front page. It says to login. Ok, click on login and either nothing happens or if the login site comes up, put in password etc, and it goes right back to the same screen asking you to login. This is no way to run a RR!!!

I have the same problem.

I’m not having any trouble. But, since we are all paying $100 a year for this information, why can’t every one of those articles be posted on this board? I don’t know technically how all this content works but, on the surface, it sure seems like a quick fix for all those having problems. If we are paying for it, why should we have to go to another source, through a link that frequently doesn’t work, to see that content?

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I think someone will be reaching out to you directly to address why you are having a login problem.

I had the same problem 1 week ago. I emailed the help desk for relief. I never got a response; but, my problem went away overnight. This site is weakest technically of any I visit regularly. It’s the Achilles heel of the product/service. If the content weren’t irreplaceable many would have given up on it.

I won’t. I’m like a junky who needs a regular fix.

having the same problem with log in. Please advise!!

I have passed along your information.

Some lady called and left a message to call back, but the next day everything was working so I guess she fixed it.

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