Login Issues

I received this note from IT within the past hour. Please follow these steps and let us know if you still are having trouble seeing the stories on the front page.

We have identified the problem that has been causing the issue and now have it resolved. New logins will now be identified correctly.

For anyone that is still having an issue we just need them to logout of WHS and then try logging back in.

Sorry for the trouble this has caused. Please let us know if there are continued problems that logging out and then back in does not resolve.

Not sure if this is connected, but on my Android phone I’ll already be logged in to WHS but when I try to read an article on the site it tells me I’ve used up my free articles and please log in or sign up. Have not had this issue on my tablet or PC.

I logged out and back in to the same negative results using Safari. It’s been several days now. I haven’t beet able to read a single NT article. Can someone put the content of these articles into posts so that we can read the text?

I could not get in later in the day yesterday, sent a message to HI. But it is working today.

Please email support@wholehogsports.com and someone will assist you.