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I agree with the more experienced coach idea. However, new Head Coach must have HUGE energy in recruiting unless OUR program is cheating. We are obviously not cheating. I am sure we are not going to be able to check all the boxes of what we need in a head coach. We need to be realistic. If HY/ BOT/ATTORNEYS/AGENTS and Razorback Foundation will wrap up the details…we/they can get this process officially started. Time is always money. We need to get in the game NOW. Today if possible. But for absolutely sure, before we come out of this bye week. We, the fans, are tired of being embarrassed. SICK AND TIRED. Check the attendance and declining Razorback Club Members. HY, we have hired you to do the right thing. So do it ASAP and stop the hemorrhaging. Many of us are either indifferent or becoming indifferent. Save our ship now. That is your job HY. I do not think HY is a knee jerk type AD. We need a coach, who would not be over his head regarding scheme. IMO, that coach, if he is a younger up and comer, needs to hire an experienced older coach (mentor) he trusts to help him keep the train on the track as we will experience further pain until we get all wheels on the track. Rely on that experience of a veteran mentor type coach when he has to make the big decisions it will take to make OUR program relevant again.

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No, we cheat. No doubt in my mind. Naive to think otherwise. But we don’t cheat anywhere close to the order of magnitude it takes to win in the SEC West with a bad coach.

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I realize cynicism is all the rage these days, but I’ll believe that we cheat when it is reported and proven that we cheat, and not before then. I don’t believe that makes me naive.

I don’t know to what level we cheat, but Dudley himself has confirmed “booster doing $100 handshakes.” That’s cheating. How much further than that it goes? No clue, but we do cheat. Just like everyone else.

We are just not very good at it. Definitely not getting the bang for our buck.

How about a 1st hand account:
Yes we cheat. I once had 2 players at my office signing autographs from people I had gathered. Both players got paid 500 bucks each for being there. It was a win for them and a win for me and it was something my clients loved. Got me some good networking for such a small investment. We cheat, but as far as I know its just little things. Nothing on the scale of an Auburn/ Cam Newton or Ole Miss/ Hugh Freeze.

Now I have photos, video, and autographs from the event, but they will never see the light of day as far as being presented as proof of cheating. On the other hand they, the autographs and photos, are / were displayed both at my office and in my home (my razorback room). So believe or disbelieve… the choice is yours.

Channel 5 reporting Morris has been fired.

Not wise to post that on here. The NCAA loves nailing little schools like us for things like this while players at certain other schools ride around in Mercedes etc. just sayin…

The NCAA can’t take a flying *&54# at a rolling donut for all I care. They have neither the ability, power, or influence to get one iota of information from me. I’ll just tell them “I lied” and they can piss off. They have no power over an individual outside of the NCAA.

Oof. Stepped in it there.

Forget I said anything.

Come on guys. Cheating is getting the dad/steddad, mom, grandma a new house and/or car, and/or job. Possibly a bag of cash to the tune of 10K plus given to a trusted uncle who is intelligent enough to shut up. That is the true definition of cheating in the SEC. Let us be a chat board who gets the truth.

I have to give Auburn the gold star for the best and most unique way to cheat.

Cam Newton’s preacher father, got his $150M in the offering plate from the “good ole boys” of Auburn.

The “we” part is what I object to with the word “cheating.” I also think there’s a difference between breaking certain NCAA rules regarding what benefits an enrolled athlete gets & breaking rules with impunity to get a star player to come here.

There are thousands of boosters/fans at every school, especially those with SEC-type fan bases. It’s foolish to expect we never have or even seldom have the types of events votan describes. They shouldn’t do it, but I have a hard time getting too upset when athletes, especially poor ones, get a few bucks for signing autographs, etc.

I have very hard time excusing paying a prospect or his mother or stepdad or sister huge sums of money to induce him to choose one school over another. I just don’t put that in the same category as buying his mother a plane ticket to come with him to visit the school.

Auburn can outbid Ms. State for Cam and not get an ounce of reprisal … we need to get better at something to compete.

It’s more important to get the right coach than to get one quick. Having said that, we need the right coach quick to try to salvage the December signing class. I don’t envy HY, but by pulling the trigger now he gave himself three weeks’ more leeway.

I hope HY has someone ID’d already.

I bet he does


I think we all need to pump the brakes expecting any quick hire. Any coach worth hiring who wants to coach at Arkansas is most likely currently coaching. And will not make a move until after the season.

Besides facilities, Arkansas doesn’t offer much to any big time coach. The talent on hand is negligible as well as the immediate recruiting footprint. The State produces a minimum of SEC talent.

Lastly, considering the buyouts, I doubt Arkansas RF has much green to offer.

HY most definitely has the greatest hiring challenge of his career.


Most schools’ regular seasons will end by November 30. It’s entirely possible HY can announce a hire on December 1.