MVP for the week! now lets let Reindl close it out!

Loeske pitched well again but there are several MVP’s . The runner thrown at second in the 9th by Grant. the 3 run homer by Fletcher, Ramage did pitch out of a jam. There are several players that had hits and also several with more than 1 hit.
It was a good win.
The one bad inning kept this from being an easy day for the hogs.

agreed but for the whole week he gets my vote!

You should not win a game walking 15 people. Then again, you also should not win a game when you’re 0-20 with RISP, which the Scum was. Probably the only team on our schedule that we’d get away with pitching like that.

I’m not sure I have ever seen a team walk 15 in a regulation game and win. I bet it happened in the Gorilla ball era but I don’t remember it. I’ve also never seen a team walk 15 and K 13 in a regulation game. That may not have ever happened in an SEC game.

And 6 wild pitches. Good thing we weren’t playing any other team in the SEC.