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We hear in the media the things are good, no one is pointing fingers and that everyone is focused on the next game and getting better and yada yada yada. I hope that is true and I truly want to believe that, but I really am curious if that is the truth? It is tough to bust your tail all year long, practice day in and day out, your body aching, etc and not ever get rewarded for it. Passion, turns to resentment or no longer caring. I never want these player to get used to losing, but it is getting bad. I feel for them. Horrible stretch of 8 years, and some really bad losses that even the worst of Arkansas coaches didn’t use to lose. We have talent, but we are getting out coached. Now we lost our #1 recruit and at O Line no less, as well as Bush. My question is are the players really ok, and can we figure out a way to stop the bleeding. I’m worried. Morris is going to have to clean house to save his job, and if he gets fired…how many more recruits and current players jump ship. Not sure we can take another rebuilding period.

If the media, which has some access, is telling us that things are good and the team is focused, yet one is still curious, what would it take to remove the doubt? If a win against Auburn is the barometer, then, likely curiosity will remain. Hopefully they will put forward a good effort and game plan, but Auburn is extremely talented and physical.

I have no idea of what the cohesiveness of the team is, but it is most likely safe to say that the team is pretty fragile, at least to the point of having difficulty when breaks or momentum start to work against them. Hopefully the staff is not equally impacted.

I posted some about this here: Team unity

When you have a 100 plus guys on a team, not everything will be hunky dory regardless of the season. Going 2-10 and struggling this season will test you.

Like I said in the other thread, last year was very bad but most of those guys are gone. There’s plenty of frustration right now and will only get worse if they continue to lose.

If you are referring to my story on the players talking about negativity and the locker room not splintering, that would be the players saying that and not “the media.”

yeah…that’s what I was meaning. Players talking through the media. I hope they are able to block it out. I know how hard they work and it has to be beyond frustrating.

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