Location, Excuses, and All Sorts of Stuff Here

I just watched Colorado win their Divison in the Pac 12 (N. S. E. W., heck I don’t know or care). They were something like 5 & 40 over the past 4 seasons. I did not think they would ever win a conference game and that was fine with me. Now they are Champs.

It shows what a turn around can be. There is a lot of talk on here about our disadvantages. Arkansas High School football is superior to Colorado. CU facilities suck compared to ours. They do have access to a great (and I mean great) world class airport, but that is it. People gripe about having to drive from Denver to Boulder. Really? The school is embarssed to have a good football team and give it little support. Less than or close to 50,000 seat stadium that is a dump. Yet, they did it and they even have a very outside chance at playing in the top 4. Don’t tell me it can’t be done.

By the way, they recruited SPEED. Does that have anything to do with it? Heck, we have one of the top 2-3 track programs in the country and the slowest secondary in the SEC. Don’t guess those relate, but it is something to at least laugh about. Can’t cry.

Oh well, the point is that if you can win at Boulder, you can win any place. You just have to do it.

Their coach has rebuilt two dumpster fires - I mean programs in shambles.

Very impressive.

The location isn’t an excuse. It and other things are reasons–reasons Colorado has been awful for many, many years.

They made a great hire and capitalized on their conference being way down.

I agree that they are proof you can win there and we can win, here. But, a lot has to happen.

No good excuse for losing to Missouri. Zero. People should stop pointing to other teams, other games. Focus on what happened. They totally fell down and let a bad opponent beat them. It raises major questions about leadership and team culture.

Come on Jim,

You know Colorado is at a “geographic disadvantage”. Kids just can’t get to Boulder "in a reasonable amount of time. "

Do I think that Colorado could come in the SEC and run the gauntlet? But you are absolutely right in that they have speed to burn and have not allowed excuses to define what they are becoming. They’ve got a hell of a coach who has rebuilt two programs. He seems to have a process that works.

I’m not in the “fire CBB” crowd but I am in the “hold CBB accountable crowd”. He’s not getting it done on defense at all… He can decide if he wants to make changes or not but if he doesn’t he’s going down with the ship. I actually think our defense will be worse next year. Hope I’m wrong!

What’s Colorado’s record the last 10 years?

I agree that there is no good excuse for the loss to Missouri. I disagree about leadership and team culture questions. When a football team puts as much pressure on the offense and special teams as the Hogs defense does, there will be unexpected losses when either or both of those phases don’t overcome the weakness created by the defense. It could be any of the phases being weak for that matter, it’s just in the case of the Hogs, it is the defense that is woefully weak. We were lucky in a couple of early games in the season that the offense carried us. Not so in the Mizzou game.

Colorado was winning at a clip of 2-4 per yr. if that. Not going to look it up, but it has been bad since Mac left. They were very poor in the Pac 12. Major turn around.

The whole point was that if it could be done at CO, it could be done anywhere. Quit looking for reasons why it can’t be done and find ways it can. I use to call on a guy who had some crews working for him and was very good. He said it was simple. Some people come to work looking for reasons why they can’t get something done. Here, we just go do it anyway. The same can be true of anything. You can always find reasons why it will not work or can’t work, and when you do that, it will not work.

I agree with the notion that Colorado shows it can be done here. I disagree with the notion that reasons it took forever for it to happen were excuses.

They were reasons. And those reasons were overcome by hard work, good coaching, recruiting, patience and good fortune. We need more of all of that.

I looked it up and did the math. In the 10 seasons before this one Colorado was 35-88 overall and 17-68 in conference. They finished last or second to last in their division in 9 of those 10 years. Counting interims, they’ve had 4 HCs in that span (Barnett departed the year before).

So, there were a lot of excuses and location problems and other things before they gave MacIntyre one last chance on the heels of 10-27, 2-25.

The ironic part of it all is that decision was undoubtedly a monetary one as opposed to an abiding conviction he was going to just fight through the excuses and get it done.

They didn’t have the $ and program interest to fire him and start over again and the result was they fell Buffs backward into a magical season.

Any SEC program would have fired MacIntyre after year 3–including Vandy.

True - it was a failure to take care of business to lose to the last place team in the SEC

Maybe it’s all the youth in Arkansas for sure - but you don’t loose to the last place team Of any conference

I’m usually very positive and I have hope Coach Bret succeeds but I’m starting to wonder if Arkansas can ever emerge from the middle pack of SEC want to be’s

Next year is going to be a significant year for me

I beluve Ciach Bret is a top notch coach and we have had a number of very good coaches fail at Arkansas

It starting to make me doubt Arkansas can win like we did in the 60’s and 80’s