Leadings up to this game, there were several talking about how great LK is and wish we him. Hey, his team gained over 700 yds today. Big woop! He lost the game and Sam 2-1 against him and not far from 3-0. Sam v Slime. No contest.


People have been talking about our offensive stats the past few games in defense of KB. Tonight is a perfect example why the only stat that matters is the win column. And I’ll say KB called a good game tonight.

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Al Davis, Just win Baby. That is all that matters and why we keep score. Teams and coaches are judged on it as are playoff teams.

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After the first drive of the second half put us up 42-6, Sam and Briles just played to run out the clock. The defense lost some of its edge and let some long runs loose for late TDs but that was just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. OleMiss was sunk completely by 2:00 minutes into the second half and everyone knew it, including Kiffin.

The look Kiffin had on his face late in the second quarter was priceless, he tried mightily to draw closer the last half for window dressing. If you didn’t see the game and just looked at the stats and score you might think Arkansas stole the game instead of dominating Ole Miss. WPS

Time of possession and total yards are deceiving in this game for sure. I just wish our hogs could have punched a few more in the end zone and me made Kiffin like it! I can’t stand Kiffin! He may be a good coach but I sure am proud he isn’t our hugs coach.

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