LK to Ole Miss Video on ESPN

Just watched Kiffins’ wife making a phone video of their son Monte while telling him they are headed to Ole Miss. So its basically confirmed, or this is the Mother of all Trolls.

I am a die-hard Razorback, graduated there, bleed razorback red until I die. That being said, if I had to look objectively at Ark v Ole Miss in their current situations, I have to say Ole Miss has an easier road to success than we do right now. They have more talent and are not mired in quite the shit show we are. Will it always be that way, I sure hope not, but right now I can’t blame LK as OM is the better job at this point.

Still would be fantastic if he and his wife were trolling Ole Miss, but that would be a very bad career killing move.

Lane kiffen is divorced

That is irrelevant, as I said in another post… I didn’t realize he was divorced, and since the voice holding the phone was a woman’s and it WAS Lanes’ son I just assumed it was his wife. Hell for all I know it could have been Grandma Kiffin, as the woman was never shown. Just know for sure it was his son and a woman was telling him “daddy is the new coach at Ole Miss” and the son was celebrating.