LJ Figueroa update

Arkansas has NOT talked to LJ. I know it’s being reported Arkansas has, but they haven’t.

Dang RD. Something must have happened that we didn’t like last spring with his recruitment.

We don’t need him. I watched a lot of St. John’s basketball this year, and he lost them as many games as he won for them. Pretty sure Coach A ain’t crying a tear over him leaving. The only thing our Hogs need right now is for Joe to come back. I honestly can’t believe he hasn’t already withdrawn from the draft, especially when Mason is moving up, while he’s moving down. It is so obvious the things that Joe needs to work on. You don’t have to be an NBA scout to know that he needs to be MUCH better with the dribble drive, and if he doesn’t finish, make his free throws. Quite honestly, he needs to play like Mason did this year. Just my 2 pennies, but if Joe plays with the ferocity that Mason did this year, we could make a very deep run next year.

Rumors are Auburn or Oregon

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