Live updates from Auburn

Good defensive stand to hold them to three.

We need some turnovers

Ty looking ok so far. Need some playmakers to make some plays

Ramsey looks quick off the edge, though Carlsen’s going to pull the ball and go around him if he’s not careful.

Horrible calls by the refs.

Well 18 with the hold. He makes some bone head mistakes getting penalties called on him! Our offense is pathetic.

Need that turnover now

Pulley pick 6 would be nice

Let’s go Hogs!!

Come on offense, our defense can’t do everything.

Cornelius was open on that batted ball, too

Seems we need the defense to score as the offense sputters around

Like the playcalling so far. Just need to execute

Who thought we would still be in the game at this point, very darn few that’s how many . It’s still early but I’m proud of our effort to this point !! WPS


Great defensive stop!!

The effort has been there. That is all I ask for now.

Again, our special teams is killing us.

Special teams is as bad as I have ever seen

That kid takes too long to punt the ball

That’s the punter, he takes too long.

No more punts please. Just go for it. How many big plays are we gonna allow them to have

Can’t give them a free set of downs.

Greenlaw was held and of course no call.