Live updates from Auburn

Hey guys, I’m settled in at Jordan-Hare Stadium. Here is the link to the live updates blog I’ll be keeping throughout the night: … -9-auburn/

Did I just hear David Bazzel on channel 7 news say some of the coaches and older players have gotten into it during practice?

If so, I’m intrigued by the context of those interactions. Either way, I’d like to see some fight in this game tonight.

Anyone hear an update on TV coverage? The USC vs Vandy game was delayed and they are just now going into the 4th Quarter…airing on SEC Network. We follow. I hope we don’t go on the alternate channel.

Might be doing us a favor. I don’t have SECN any more (or anything else) so it’s Chuck and Quinn for me.

SEC Network at 6:38 p.m. Vandy/SC will move to the alternate channel.

Clary at center

Can you say block in the back? It’s easy to get a long run off a punt with two blocks in the back.

Derrick Munson with the start at Nickel? What’s the story there? I know he was thought to be the Scoota by the old staff.

Trying different guys which is a good thing.

Ty has thrown some good balls so far. Offense definitely looks a little better thus far.

Why, why, why does this keep happening to us. I’m glad our offense is showing improvement, but we needed points badly there.

Illegal substitution killed that drive.

I thought that was good, even on the replay, it looked like the ball was over the upright

nah, the goal post disappeared behind the ball

Ty making a couple of good throws on 3rd down is a good sign. He was 3/10 on 3rd down throws coming into tonight.

Still not used to My bifocals

Defense has been playing really well for the most part.

Need some help from the other side.

Proud of our defense so far!!! Way to stand tall in a hard spot.

Nice defensive stand.

And that’s why Hayden doesn’t play more and Whaley does. Whaley doesn’t lay the ball on the ground.