Live stream on flosports

The live stream for basketball at this facility was very good. I had no lags or interruptions during the broadcast.

Jeff H.


And it was well worth $7.50 to get a first look at these guys! This is going to be one heck of a team!

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I hope you paid the $12.50, my friend… This option allows you to cancel immediately, the $7.50 option charges you for the whole year.

Had no issues at all with the feed. Everything went well in Game 1.

I think he meant it was basically $7.50 per game ($7.50x4=$30)

You did not want to do the $12 a/mo option, they bill you for the entire year on that one. You want to do the 1-mo $29.99 option

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Copy that, I hope that’s the case. If someone signed up from the link I provided in the other thread, there are two options, the cheaper option is $7.50. If you choose that one, you will be charged for the entire year. Once I figured that out, I didn’t want to see anyone here get ripped off.

Btw, the $30 was a bit of a rip off as well, I paid $12.50 for all 4 games then canceled.

Here is the link in case someone wants to watch all 4 games for $12.50. The game played today is available on replay.

You were able to watch from signing up at that link? Bc that’s for just CAA conference events.

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Try this one.

Then click on the “Watch” link.

I’m fine, watched today with no issues. But the flohoops subscription is $12.50 per month billed on the annual basis or $29.99 for one month.

He’s saying he signed up and watched for $12.50 for the month, but the link he’s providing is not for flohoops, but FloSports/CAA.

Yes. It’s a discount for access to Flo Sports for that conference’s fans. I thought it was a bit disingenuous of them to charge Arkansas Fans $30 when this option was available on their website.

As further commenters have suggested, I was just pro-rating the $30 over 4 games.

My man, I’m trying to help people out. It’s the same network, different portal. I watched the game and have already watched bits from the replay, I have full access for $12.50 plus tax and already cancelled so I won’t get charged next month-this month and these 4 games are accessible to me until the end of my one month membership.

I hope this helped someone.

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Got it.

Now I’m passing on a method for getting all 4 games and as many replays as you want for one month at $12.50 plus tax, not $30 plus tax.

This bears repeating if anyone uses the link I provided above, $13 or $31’ish for the same product, your choice. Also, if you chose the wrong payment path, it could cost you the expense of an entire years membership.

That was a great deal you found.

I thought it was just for CAA conference sports like the others have posted. Then I saw the 3rd and last line on that page and its says “And access to premium content across the entire Flosports Network.” I have a feeling they intended that for just fans of the CAA teams but didn’t have a way to restrict it to just them.

Is replay of yesterday’s game available on Flo now?

I live about 5 miles from a CAA school (UNCW). Does that count?

Nah, still not paying for it.

Yes Sir.

All good man, nice find. Certainly disingenuous on Flo’s part to advertise $30 when people could’ve gotten it for $12.50.

I noticed that FloSports has an exclusive contract with the CAA for all of their sportscasts. I’m sure that’s why they got the special price deal. They just didn’t come up with a way of restricting that special pricing to just CAA teams’ fans. I certainly understand why they wouldn’t advertise that special on a national basis.