Little tired of Football, have the BB recruits made it to campus

today yet? Feel like this could be the start of good things Hog Hoops

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They are there brother. Currently at the Catfish Hole.

Thanks Lynnsanity, fingers crossed its a new beginning…Everytime I come out from Ca I hit the Catfish Hole, love that place

Catfish Hole? Ugh

Who is plan B?

The recruits love, love, love the Catfish Hole.

It doesn’t matter if we do or not.

I do.

2009 are you actually an Arkansan? I’ve never met anyone who does not like the Catfish Hole?

Just messing with you, don’t get your britches up in a wad.

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It doesn’t matter what you or me like. What do 17 year old, predominantly African American athletes like? A bunch of creepy old folks watching them dump their hush puppies in ketchup while calling the hogs seems like an odd recruiting perk.