Little Rock QB Landon Rogers is a must have

wow what a arm and can fly for a bigman,he is exactly who we need,reminds me of Mallett just a much better athlete, can’t beleive he doesn’t have offers from everywhere!

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I agree.

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How he’s been overlooked is puzzling.

Richard says he’s very inconsistent,but you can’t teach an arm and athleticism like he has he will be heavily recruited before it’s over because of that.


So much ability, he has to terrify defensive coaches.

Get on him now. Start the relationship before Gus and Chad do.

Holy cow! Sign him up!

I’ve seen PV play about five times over the last three years. Landon has all the tools that college coaches crave in a QB. If he can get more consistent he’s a no brainer. Being consistent is the biggest problem. He makes wow throw and then he throws way behind or over a receiver.

He knows this and I know he’s working on it.

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He cleans that up Richard and he’s 4* maybe 5* quarterback you can’t teach the gifts he has.

A good QB Coach at the next level could help him, in fact could start helping him early if he’s committed.
Has Stoerner worked with him or anybody outside of Parkview?

I vote with these guys, offer him now!

The descriptions of his passing reminds me of Cole Kelley.

Yeh, but he could probably outrun Kelley while running backward.
His natural gifts are rare. We have to believe the proper development
will take place. Offer him now.

This kid is a way better athlete than Kelly for sure

I have now seen him play live three times. There is a lot of potential there.

But Richard is right in saying that he is inconsistent - great one play and what was that on the next play - and my guess is that is why the offers have not flooded it.

It will be a big-time winter, spring and summer for him to improve on his technique, decision-making and get his name out there

He is in the 6-5 range and somewhere between 215 and 220 at last check.

This is where a great QB Coach for the Hogs would come in handy

Depending on his wheels & I assume he isn’t slow, But If QB position didn’t pan out at the next level, just might be the next All SEC LB, TE or whatever position since he is still growing.

He does not appear to be slow - fast for a big kid

Yes, he has.

I always defer to the guys who do this for a living, and want the players that will help them win!
Landon looks good to me, maybe an athlete playing quarterback, but in my opinion, this is still an evolving position that requires an athletic player, see the NFL, who can move in the pocket, and run when necessary.
Too late now, but Criswell may be a huge miss for us.