Little Rock @ Hogs

Well there’s another bone head 3rd out that’s as much on the Nate Thompson as it it on Ezell! Just hold him. Start up.

What is this Little Rock stuff? It’s UALR.

There was a vote. That’s what’s up!

Keystone cops… about the 3rd or 4th time Kjerstad hasn’t picked up the ball off the bat. just doesn’t look like a natural outfielder.

Who voted? There was no vote. It’s athletic marketing, same as UNC-Charlotte calls itself Charlotte, UT-Chattanooga calls itself Chattanooga, etc. Next I expect UCLA to start calling itself Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, we seem to be playing this game in sock feet, no spikes.

Yeah, the “Little Rock” stuff was a marketing decision. Their change was what prompted the UA, Fayetteville crap at the ADG. It refused to call the school “Little Rock.” They complained, so they started the “UA, Fayetteville” on the theory that was our official name. They were wrong so they backed off after the public outcry.

Meanwhile, this game is embarrassing. We seem to be out-playing them, but when players the caliber of Franklin & Kjerstad lose those kinds of pop-ups, we are suddenly down 3-2. I thought were about to run away with the game in B2. So much for that. It still might happen, but right now we still trail.

Well, now UALR plays the Keystone Kops routine. Now 5-3 with runner on 1b & still no outs. It’d be nice to break this game open in this inning.

Really hate to see us having to use ramage. That Auburn series is going to be a war and we need every arm we can get to be Sharp and we already minus Kosty… wicklander was all over the place.

But one way to lose to inferior teams is to walk leadoff batters & start missing the strike zone. Wicklander was fine for a while, but he sure lost it in the 4th. Hope Ramage has some control. If we can get out of this inning allowing 0 or 1 run, we are still in good shape, but I’d like to make this game a no-doubter by the 5th. And Zack needs to be careful getting the ball back to the pitcher. We gave Bama a run when he failed to do that.

Now Ramage is struggling. And the UALR kid didn’t lean into the pitch. Stupid rule. Umps ruled foul ball, though. Don’t know if that was the right call or not.

IMO Wicklander was off from the 3rd inning on,.he hit 2 batters walked 3-4,i don’t understand him,he definently needs to work on his mechanics to get to where he’s more consistent

Now we’ve let them load the bases again. Nobody out. A leadoff walk & a couple of not well hit singles. We’re hitting well, but right at people with runners on base.

Pitching has really been disappointing tonight. I sure don’t look forward to letting some of our deep BP getting into the game. We could give up a bunch of runs if that happens.

thats just real good Rammage!! stinking Grand slam!! this team looks like crap!!my God what a time to start looking like this!

Just sloppy! To start off Martin has the first pop up but was called off by Franklin whom didn’t catch the ball. Heston can’t see the ball off the bat missed played another one.
The walks stink
To make it even worse Plunkett can’t throw the ball back to the pitcher. He does a poor job framing pitches. He’s lazy behind the plate.

We are really playing poorly. I can’t believe we gave up the GS—and with no outs. I cannot imagine we won’t score several more runs, but I’m not at all confident they won’t, either.

The LH pitcher disease strikes again!!
11.77 ERA Basess loaded nobody out and the Big 3 comes up and we don’t get anything… embarrassing…

Martin went down on 3 pitches and he didn’t take a good swing the whole AB. He tried to pull every pitch and they were outside. Heston didn’t do any better. Pitiful offense.

The heart of our batting order just isn’t producing enough, especially with our relievers sucking it up.

It’s disgusting. I never thought we’d be down in the 6th inning of this game. Talk about blown chances. I can’t believe we couldn’t get at least 1 run with the bases loaded & no outs. Incredible.

Martin’s AB was the most disappointing. He was going to knock it over the fence on all 3 whiffs. And we keep giving up hits & walks.

Yeah and Auburn starts 2 LH on Saturday and Sunday who are light years better than this kid. Better hope we win the first game.