Little Rock [doesn't] Rock

years of quality teams fill stadiums…home stadiums, away stadiums, stadiums across town, stadiums across the country. LOL it’s so funny reading these comments when none of you have gotten to the real reason why.

I believe there is only one option to bring WMS back to glory: End the absolute “no in-state schools” policy and schedule ASU, UAPB, possibly UCA, and if they add a football program UALR at WMS. (I’m opposed to UALR adding football, but if they do it shouldn’t be shunned.) That may be the only way to bring enough people to LR to offset the financial advantages of playing in Fayetteville.

We may have rich boosters from all parts of the state coming to Fayetteville now, but that doesn’t fully offset the distance issue: According to Google Maps, Eudora is closer to Baton Rouge, Oxford, Starkville, and even Tuscaloosa than Fayetteville. Southeast Arkansas may not be what it used to be, but if we ignore it the Hogs will no longer truly be “Arkansas’ team”. We still need an option for folks from there who aren’t rich enough to buy gas for SUV drives to Fayetteville, season tickets, contributions to the Razorback Foundation, etc.

And why even go to LR games if the teams we get are throwaways – especially when they’re conference mates of in-state teams the Hogs refuse to play? If we bring Louisiana-Monroe to WMS, why not ASU (or if they make the Sun Belt in FB, UALR)? And if we bring Alcorn State to WMS, why not UAPB?

Face it, Jeff Long: When John Barnhill wrote the policy he was more worried about competing with schools like Henderson and John Brown; ASU & UCA were on that level then, UALR was still a junior college, and UAPB was unthinkable for other reasons. The reason for the policy no longer applies to those schools.

My subject changing Prediction for TCU! Game time ladies and gents!

Depth, depth, and more depth!

Hogs will and should play to their strengths with the “ground n pound” ball control style football that will allow Austin Allen to manage the game and play to his strengths when and only when he has to… Running back depth, Play Action pass, quick screens, and athletic tight ends will be a huge factor in keeping TCUs offense off the field as well as our Quarterback off the turf. TCU likes to play fast and they will gain yardage exposing our secondary all night, hogs will match offense blow for blow with a 3 headed running monster machine that will replicate some of coach BB’s better offenses during his successful tenure with Wisconsin.
Nationally televised game at home will be a high scoring thriller of a game… two very opposite style offensive teams showcase in the spotlight… This game will be about which offense can wear the other team out first… I don’t think AA has to worry and throws an all most perfect mistake free ball game… Our running game will have alot to do with this… He just needs to be a leader and manage the game efficiently… I strongly believe he will. Hogs 54 TCU 49. Hogs need a TD in the 4th qtr… Who else… CHASE HAYDEN with the most perfect block i’ll have ever seen giving AA just enough time to find a wide Open Tight End for the game winning touchdown, leaving TCU only 39 seconds on the clock… special teams comes through for the Hogs pinning the Horned Frogs Deep in their own territory. Their just is not enough time and HOGS prevail with a huge Home win. 2-0 start to the year… national exposure and ranked #24th in the polls by Tuesday!

4 field goals in the game… special teams becoming a strength for Hogs!
4 Running TD’s 4 rbs combine for 372 yards… two 100 yard rushers emerge in this game!
2 Passing TD including game winning pass. 229 passing yards
Defense gets just enough stops! We need secondary help

Just a fun prediction I hope pans out. WPS