Little Rock, Dallas, and Kansas City

I’m going to assume that due to Covid restrictions / protocols all games will be played at each team HOME stadium. We won’t be seeing Texas A&M @ Dallas or Missouri @ Kansas City. I will also assume we will not be visiting Little Rock as home games will be in Fayetteville.

Or has any of that even been discussed?

If any silver linings can be found in the Covid Crisis… I have to think all Arkansas home games in their home stadium in Fayetteville is absolutely a silver lining. As tough as the SEC seems to like to make it for Arkansas (if you doubt that then you didn’t pay attention to the schedule draws), there is just no reason we should be giving away home field to a location that is not where we play and practice every day. Home is Fayetteville. Not Dallas, Not Kansas City, Not Little Rock.

I addressed this in the story I wrote on the schedule today. The Texas A&M and Missouri games are being moved to those campuses.

The Razorbacks were not scheduled to play in Little Rock this year.

Kansas City was not our home game. It was Misery playing a home game off campus because they can’t get people to show up on Thanksgiving weekend either.

For this season with stadiums empty or up to 25% capacity (assuming there is a season), there will be very little home field advantage. At the aTm game at Kyle Field this year, would much prefer we play there with 25k fans in the stands rather than the usual 100k+.

The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band might not be as mighty this year. Can’t blow a trumpet with a mask on and I would have to think social distancing would be a consideration.

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Assume opposing fans also can’t blow whistles during the aTm half-time shows as Rice Univ MOB did during SWC days to confuse the mighty aTm Corp turd marching formations.

The MOB and the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band are both worth the price of admission.

MOB halftime shows were always classic. One year after aTm mascot died, MOB came out during half-time in formation of a fire-hydrant & played “Oh where is my little dog gone”. The MOB were frequently chased off the field by aTm corp at half-time during the SWC days.

Per growing up in Houston, quickly tired of the classless & crude public remark & jokes by the aTm corp & band made about the Hogs & the Arkansas fan base.

Dadgummit Swine did ya have to get personal? My youngest son Luke, is a sophomore trumpet player in the Fightin Texas Aggie marching band!
I just talked to him and he wanted me to assure you that the Fightin Aggie band, though confined to the stands, will still be a formidable force. He will not be blowing through a mask. There is an opening for the mouth piece that is then velcroed shut when he is not playing.

Isn’t putting a mask on a band member kind of silly. They are going to blow the spit through their horn, right? I played the trumpet. I had a little pool at my feet where I emptied the valves every so often.

Luke says the spittle goes to the side, not straight ahead.

Aren’t there band members to the side as well?

I’m going to let the Aggies figure all this out Clay. I do feel better about him being in the highly structured corp of cadet environment, than in the general student population. Good Lord willing, everyone stays safe, Aggie band continues to shine, and we whip their butts on the field!

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