Little late

Thought I would share now since Megan was on me for being on my phone while in vaca.

We’ve been to Vegas about seven-nine times together and I’ve probably been an additional seven-nine times for hoops. Because of the budget during my hoops travels, I’ve stayed downtown.

Megan has been there several times on biz but not downtown so we made sure to go there on vaca. The addition of Circa was huge. Highly recommend.


Is it that much cheaper downtown? I’ve never really looked.

It is that hotel and food wise.

This past trip we noticed the food and drink was much more expensive on the strip. We were told they were trying to makeup for the Covid losses.

I have no idea what the rates are at Circa.

Fremont Street is a blast and Circa is an awesome property.

I always stay on the Strip and I always go downtown one night to take in the weirdness of Fremont.

What I will never understand is the people that bring little kids down to Fremont. You don’t have to set foot in a casino to see a lot of stuff that I would hate to have to try to explain to a little kid.

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I’m with you. Don’t understand taking kids in that crazy atmosphere.

No idea what the pot laws are in Nevada but man I would hate to be told I need to do a drug test after coming from Vegas. Haven’t smelled that much pot in a long time.

Thanks for new ride you bought me with your winnings dad! Looks like a nice place!

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