Little bit of NCAA news today

The NCAA’s Board of Governors (which oversees all divisions) will allow the individual divisions to decide on whether to have championship events in the fall. In the event 50 percent of teams in a sport opt not to participate this year, the championship event will be postponed and potentially not made up at all.

This does not really affect the Football Bowl Subdivision, but could potentially affect the Razorbacks’ other fall sports, which are cross country, soccer and volleyball.

A few more highlights related to covid-19 that might affect football, from the NCAA press release:

  • The NCAA will establish a phone number and email to allow college athletes, parents or others to report alleged failures. The Association will notify school and conference administrators, who will be expected to take immediate action.
  • All member schools must adhere to federal, state and local guidelines related to covid-19. Further, the conduct of NCAA championships must be in line with federal, state and local guidelines.
  • All student-athletes must be allowed to opt out of participation due to concerns about contracting covid-19. If a college athlete chooses to opt out, that individual’s athletics scholarship commitment must be honored by the college or university.
  • Each division must determine no later than Aug. 14 the eligibility accommodations that must be made for student-athletes who opt out of participating this fall or for those whose seasons are canceled or cut short due to covid-19. College athletes and their families must know what their eligibility status will be before beginning the fall season.
  • Member schools may not require student-athletes to waive their legal rights regarding covid-19 as a condition of athletics participation.
  • Member schools, in conjunction with existing insurance standards, must cover covid-19 related medical expenses for student-athletes to prevent out-of-pocket expenses for college athletes and their families.

Good, that eliminates the waiver for athletes if they choose to participate.

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I’m glad that’s eliminated, too. The UA probably isn’t affected much one way or the other because it’s protected by sovereign immunity–meaning people can’t sue the state or its agents for a tort injury. However, the idea that a school can be reckless as hell with its students’ health & bear no consequences is atrocious.

Division II and Division III have canceled their fall championships. The Division I Council will be the deciding body on the D1 championships.

The College Football Playoff operates independently from the NCAA, so whatever the D1 Council decides won’t directly apply to the playoff.

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