Listening to the news this morning

UConn canceling the season, Big 10 players doing a “United” thing, etc. I am now joining the camp of “there won’t be a football season.” I am not saying that is the right decision, or the wrong decision. I don’t know the right decision.

Wonder how much this had to do with football on the field? Certainly a good way to get some press. They will either look dumb or insightful, either way with little risk of damaging their brand, since they don’t have much of one.

Not sure anyone can say today that football will be played, but with more than seven weeks until first games (I know practice is an issue, but if we think kids won’t be working out with some element of exposure we are likely wrong) so other than wanting to be first and make a statement, why not wait and see? If you believe the word from the Northeast, the virus has been pushed down.

UConn is a bad independent program that had lost most of its high-profile games that were scheduled against Power 5 teams. The ACC threw Notre Dame a lifeline. The rest of the independents are struggling to fill their schedules right now.

There are a couple of other interesting dynamics at UConn: the tremendous budget deficit facing the athletics department and a coach who has been outspoken about the players’ rights and safety. I don’t think UConn is a good measuring stick for what the rest of college football might do.

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It’s 7 weeks until the first SEC game is scheduled. However, some schools will start play no later than Sept 6. The NCAA recently said the season could start a week earlier & a few games were. then scheduled for late August. I don’t know if anyone still has one that early, but some are still set for Labor Day weekend.

Since some games are set so early, there’s a good chance they’ll be played. However, I agree with Greg about the season being canceled pretty soon, maybe before it starts, maybe a bit later, but I’d bet we’re not playing in October

Oklahoma still has the game with Missouri State on August 29.

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The Big 12 hasn’t provided an updated schedule yet. It is the only Power 5 conference yet to do so aside from the SEC. In a release the other day, the Big 12 said its anticipated start time was mid-to-late September.

I do not think the OU-Missouri State game will be played as scheduled. I get the Springfield news and they don’t expect it to be played. Or, it was mentioned as a long shot on something I saw – although don’t really know for sure what I was watching. Sometimes I don’t recall the 10:20 p.m. sports the next day.

Good to know. I didn’t know all that. As I have said before, I’m that guy that said Amazon wouldn’t work, so, take my predictions accordingly! :smile:

UConn not playing is not a concern unless one is looking for another excuse to be an alarmist about the outlook for Fall football.

UConn program was weak & without a conference so they had no one to play. Conversely, ND was fortunate to receive a lifeline from ACC due to the strength of their program & the ratings they will bring to that conference for this season.

Addition: Are there other independents in NCAA that are also at risk of cancellations this season due to loss of games against Power 5 teams? Understand that independent BYU is scrambling to keep their football season intact with games against Navy, Utah St & San Diego St confirmed.

I don’t think there are many independents left.

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