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Within 10 on boards. Out scored them in the paint, by a pretty good margin I believe and lost. They made 27-31 FT. We were 4-11 I think.

Coaches change,
SEC refs stay the same. Game controllers.

It’s wrestling

It’s not just the bad calls, it’s the no-calls that rule the game.

Yup, it’s also the administration at the highest levels. Look at the KU/KSU game aftermath. Just a 12 game suspension for an assault, but KU gets to the post regular season.

Sills was fouled going to the hole he made the basket but it should have been an and 1! How many times did the official under the basket watch a play under the Miss ST basket and the shot was missed and extremely late the official our front called a fouls on the hogs! It happened all night long.
We had a steal and they called a foul to save Miss St. it’s a miracle the game was that close.
We took 6/11 free throws and Miss St took 26/31. That’s a tough pill to swallow but it happens every time the hogs play there.
We need a real point guard that can create and set up our shooters.

The free throw difference was a big factor, but it is a bit misleading.

Make the front end of our one and ones, and we shoot several more.

Take away the 3 or 4 times when we fouled intentionally to stop the clock late and even
a couple times when we fouled their big’s to try to prevent an easy basket…and they shoot about 10 fewer.

They were the bigger and stronger team inside so I would expect them to shoot 10 or so more FT’s, and that basically is what it was when you break it down this way. I would expect us to overcome that by making more threes. 4 of 20 from three really hurt, as did missing those front end of the one and ones.

It’s tough to win when your undersized the way we are, usually when your small you are able to cause turnovers with a full court press, but it didn’t work so well for us the other night. I admire the way this team fights and manages to keep games close with so many stats lopsided. We have better days ahead and some will be this season, but we as fans need to stay focused on the big picture down the road, as CBB would say at pressers “We’re Close”. WPS

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