Listening to CSP’s presser

First of all, it was obvious he was frustrated by just getting “bully balled” and by the penalties.

Second, some of the questions that were asked are real eye rollers. Don’t get me wrong, I understand if some of those questions don’t get asked then fans are complaining . It just laugh at some of them, especially the “how do you think the team is going to respond”. I thought his reply was pretty good. Paraphrasing he said “when we win you ask that question and when we lose you ask that question.”

I don’t think it would have mattered much this game but I would have liked to have heard the question about once again lots of run calls with Hornsby in the game. For Billy, a good question about passes to the middle of the field.


Did anyone ask him about Special Teams? That weakness has been GLARING for 15 games.

Special teams he mentioned as well!
He watched the game form the sideline just like we watched it on TV! He took responsibility and knows he has work to do to correct the mistakes.

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I’m not going to worry about that anymore but does amaze me that all the Great pass offenses make you for cover all 53 yds of the field.I have never understood why we don’t but JMO and that and a few dollars will get you some coffee(used to be a few Cents LOL)

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I listened to his conference call and my take away was that Georgia was every bit as physical as he felt they would be ,but still was surprised by what that meant. The penalties were a concern but many were result of not being able to match that physical aspect. SP knows what he has to recruit but he is still several years from having that in hand. We got a dose of what we gave Texas and can still have a great year if we can regroup and beat Ole Miss next week.


Yeah I’m sure Sam wasn’t surprised by their physicality considering he recruited a lot of them… we got off to a horrible start and it’s snowballed on us


You could tell that Pittman was genuinely surprised by just how physical Georgia was.

He’s a great coach and motivator, but we’re going to have to bring in a few talented classes to get to that level.

In the meantime, I’m still hoping for 9 wins and a nice bowl game. If I get that, I’m tickled pink.


We just need to continue to stack OL and DL classes … I think we’ve recruited well on the OL, DL needs to come on a little bit….

If one area I am concerned about it’s TE…. I’m not sure we’ve hit on one under coach Pittman yet….we are getting nothing from our TEs…. Where is Henry ??


I loved the presser. He owned what he needed to own and was honest.

I suspect Smart used the “Hog Hype” to prep his players to show them what the role model for UA is. They played with clinical precision. Line up and do it again and they won’t be that good again (statistically impossible - some hyperbole here, of course).

We needed a lot to go “right” and precious little did. Maybe we escaped without physical injuries, which are likely harder to heal this time of year than are the emotional injuries (a game next week allows you to physically and mentally regroup quickly).

All the giddiness following A&M and UT should be counter-balanced with our mood right now. We are a much better team, and will still line up and bruise some teams. We will win a lot of games, but we are not a BCS team just yet.

Citgeauxhog has the right idea: fix the weakest elements going foward, and (unfortunately) they are long-term fixes. Line recruiting takes time. We might have solid OL in the pipeline but the grad transfers hid lackluster DL recruiting since Pittman arrived. TE went from being an asset to a black hole in two short years, and we are still digging out of that hole.

It was easy to let go, personally. Being out of it early meant there was no drama. The perfect game needed to compete was left in Fayetteville. No sense leaving it on the field vs the best team I’ve seen this year.

This quote was awesome:
“We’re not going to have a problem regrouping…we have a good football team, but Georgia is a helluva lot better” - Pittman.


Bottom line to me is we are still ahead of schedule, need to get to that bowl game and get that extra practice time…. Keep hitting the weight room, and recruiting, recruiting, recruiting!


I agree it was a good presser

You could see coach Sam’s frustration was palpable

I took great comfort in the quote above and the part - we take care of if business and play UGA again

I think Coach Sam wants to play them again to do better

Folks Arkansas is I. Good hands

Bottom line our Razorbacks were beaten by a physically superior team and Ark helped them win

Now time to dump this

Good these kids can too and beat Ole Miss

I think I’ll go watch us best dune UTex (spit)till I feel better till next week

Coach Sam will gave them boys ready

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Time for some Woodford Reserve. Next week we’ll have vodka water.


I had one light beer tonight at a Wedding

That seemed more than enough

When asked about the game (These are UK fans)

I stole a Fred Talley quote from an Arkansas vs Auburn game

:”On the way to the wedding a UGA player run pass my car with the football”

Lyckly they laughed and moved on to the ceremony

Btw: a friend provided me a small bottle of Woodford Reserve (it is Ky)

Said “I bought it to celebrate a Arkansas victory with it - but - just save it for a better time “

Gosh - I love the people in my home town

Arkansas has already had a great year - listening to coach Pittman- he wants another crack at UGA

It’s going to be alright

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I love to quote Dan Patrick- well paraphrase - if you ask a good question you usually get a good answer and if you ask a bad question you’ll get a bad answer. I think it’s very hard to ask a good question. You might hear one per press conference. I think some media take for granted that opportunity. Dan has commented on that a lot. Interesting stuff.

No he wasn’t. He said just the opposite.

What did Georgia get from theirs?

[Edit] Never mind. I was starting to say something snarky. That’s not really my style. I apologize.


Earlier this week I heard someone on ESPN say that our hogs might get beat bad at Georgia but put the Hogs in another conference and they would win the league. The hogs are a good football
Team the SEC is tough!


SEC is tough and best conference by far. Texas and Oklahoma will have lot’s of nights like we are having this weekend. Bama and Ga are loaded with next level players and combined the number is more than rest of league combined I would wager. Both have great coaching and both are focused on elite recruiting . It makes victory taste so well and defeat is so very bitter but the phase "nobody cares about your problems and it is up to you to work harder to fix it and get better " is thankfully one that SP has adapted for our program.


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