Listening to Coach Morris

He says all the right things and all coach speak etc. I’ve heard it all before so am still in the same “show me” mode as I have been since MO last year, BUT, he did say one thing that got a great big AMEN from me.

He said we are going to be the best and do everything the best way. If not, we will find someone else that will. I do not buy into this poor little Arkansas Crap. I don’t want to hear it. My way of saying that is that is if the best HS football player is on Mars, then we better get a rocket ship and go get him. No excusese!!!

I also really liked his recruiting approach, 4-7 from AR, 8-10 from TX, and the rest from OK, MO, LA and wherever we happen to have an “in”, but the heart is Arkansas/Texas. We know that is how you build a winner.

No Excuses. No Explanations. Just Execute…Tony Dungy

Good post - I like this coach and I’m getting some hope

Tired of words however, I want production behind those words

We have all heard this pie in the sky stuff before

But this guy may be able to deliver

I’m going it a watch and see attitude too

But yes all the right words being said - so I’m ok with it right now