listening to bo's show yesterday

he interviewed someone in the know about auburn basketball. guy was spot on. he gave a really good scouting report on auburn basketball. he said they rely on the three as we all knew.

but he also questioned how anderson would defend the three. apparently we didn’t defend the three at all, wide open shots that were falling for them, nothing seemed to be utilized to offset their reliance on the three ball. that being said, they have done that against teams much better than ours so it might not be defendable. he said gafford might have a field day against auburn. like him or not, pearl did a masterful job of defending gafford. we seemed to have no answer for how they were defending him. basically no one else showed up to play. no shots were falling. our offense is really pathetic, no other word to use. when you start the game down 22-1 you don’t have any chance at all to win. it is apparent what we are running is not working, surely we have alternate schemes we can run to offset some of what the other team is doing.

it probably is lack of talent, or is it coaching, i don’t know, probably a combination of both. just so disappointed, our two big sports getting punked as gafford says, time and time again…

In my lone comment last night, I said I blamed Anderson for how he started out defensively. Offensively, shots just weren’t going down, but I truly don’t understand why he started in a man to man defense instead of some kind of zone. We got hammered, then he went to a zone and that slowed them down quite a bit.

As for Gafford, every team doubles up on Gafford so that doesn’t surprise me he didn’t get many opportunities to shine last night. This season is too late now, but until we can get a 4 like Alandise Harris that is not only a good defensive players but offensive threat, our 5’s are always going to struggle. Kingsley got over it because he had a great 12-15 foot jumpshot. Sadly, Gafford doesn’t have that. So teams just camp two players down low to take Gafford out and try to force our guards to beat them.

General, do you still have that “Feeling in your bones” that Arkansas will win the SEC Tournament!

Go Hogs!

Boy you just love that don’t you? You just want to rub my nose in something huh? Like I said, it was a feeling and you know what, until they prove me wrong I’m going to stick with it. And if they don’t, I’m sure you’ll have a good laugh and pat yourself on the back about it. Pitiful man.

I guess it could happen if we get hot from the three point line for four straight games. Not likely and, so far this season, if we aren’t hot from three land, we don’t have much offense. They are packing 2 and 3 guys around our best player and laughing at us when we shoot and miss wide open threes. Our only other offensive strength, creating turnovers with our press sometimes, won’t work in a tournament setting. You can’t play that style night after night and expect not to be gassed after a couple of games. We don’t offensive rebound. We don’t hit free throws. We don’t have a point guard with a legit outside shot threat. We don’t have any half court scoring power off the bench and we don’t defend the three at all. So, the chances are mostly none and only very slightly slim for us to win the SEC tournament. JMVHO

Well this is going to be interesting beause I am going to defend Anderson with regard to going man. Your suggestion that playing zone against a team that shoots threes as well as Auburn is an unsound approach. It’s basic basketball to know that zone defenses protect the interior but can be beaten by outside shooting. That’s why back in Eddie’s days Mike Young was referred to as the “zone buster” because of his outside shooting prowess.

You want to play man against teams that shoot well, but you have to stick with the shooters and not be double teaming and trapping.

Now, I didn’t see the game. I was traveling and was on a plane when the game started. So I am only assuming that if we played man defense we did a very sorry job of it.

Mike clearly should have listened to Bo’s show. Auburn does one thing really well…especially at home. Shoot threes…Their fix six were basically wide open. Why??? It’s like they didn’t know who they were playing. Ridiculous…

Rewatch the first half and pay attention to how we close out on shooters. Or really don’t close out. We are flat on hedging ball screens, we close out lazily and leave the floor when shooters still have their dribble.

It’s also been going on for multiple seasons as evidenced by our 3 point defense.

It’s coaching.

Of course it is…spot on post

Depends on the zone you run. Run a 2-3, yeah, you’ll get killed from a good 3 point shooting team. Run a 3-2 on 2-1-2, those are effective if you have the athletes, and we do.

Well we will just have to disagree on that.

Tradional strategy would be defend teams with good outside shooters with man d, and teams with good inside games with zone.
There are also variations of zone / man mixed & man trapping & zone trapping defenses.
What the game today has boiled to is, how good you can shoot from outside & hit 3’s.
It has evolved to that, live & die by the 3. Almost any team now can work the ball around to get an open 3 pretty quick, we do it to. We just can’t hit them as much. That also opens up inside lanes for rebounders, but since we don’t knock down much of anything 10-25’ away, Dan always has 2-3 men in his area we ain’t gettin to many RB’s.

I’m sure you are right, because I wouldn’t take Auburn Five Star money to watch the first half again.