Listening to Bo Show on Monday

This board is respectful and patient compaired to bo show

Listening to it

Coach Bret is done

It’s going to be a long year

The only thing i hear on Bo’S shows are ADDVERTISMENTS—Loud unGodly music–and the dip S^%$ from lsu gater bait.

Amen, that show drives me nuts with advertisements. It’s 1 minute of Bo talking, being somewhat of a complete a$$, and then 5 minutes of advertisements. I can’t listen to it anymore.

It is Bo’s fault for putting the same group of idiot callers on day after day to where they think they are celebrities and actually have something to say.
Bo mistakes that as entertaining rather than irritating.
I listen to the podcast instead of the show a lot to get past the ads and some of the foolish callers.

The show is not what it used to be. I don’t tune in. Coach B will be on the hill. Who do you think is going to throw the bank roll at firing a coach?

Sports radio in Arkansas is tough and it gets tougher for every hour you add to your show.

With a few exclusions, listeners have come to expect hosts to talk about the Razorbacks exclusively, but there is only so much you can say about one team. You’re fortunate if you have two teams in season to add a little variety. So you have to fill the void with callers, and, based on my experience filling in for some of these shows, for every additional hour of air time, you gain anywhere from 5 to 10 more callers. There is little to no screening of the callers because - unless you are spouting off your opinion for 15 minutes on end - you need them to fill air time.

Having guests each day will offset the need for as many callers, but there still are going to be two or three dozen over four hours.

Arkansas would do well to have a sports talk format that branched out and talked regularly about some other regional teams - the Cowboys, Chiefs, Cardinals, Royals, colleges in bordering states, etc. I think there is a market for it, at least here in Northwest Arkansas with so many corporate transplants. My wife is a teacher in Bentonville, so I know many of them. They long for the type of variety they had in places like Dallas and Denver.

I like Bo’s show just the way it is. It’s one of the best anywhere in the country. When shows start talking MLB, I turn the channel. I only want Hog sports, former Hog news and SEC news. I get annoyed with some callers, but that’s expected with a call-in show. One person might like Michael from Stuttgart, and get annoyed with Eddie; someone else might like Eddie and get annoyed with Michael.

Jerry Jones maybe?

A big paycheck and an encouragement to take another hour b before he is fired

If Bo’s show is an accurate sampling of the fans - Coach Bret is toast

Mind youI haven’t listened to Bo in a long time - the disrespect towards some misguided fans amazes me

I find it pretty disrespectful


I was taken back by the intensity

Coach Bret is in real trouble

If have to agree with you.

I do listen to Bos show regularly, and I ask myself why every time.

Although some of the callers do come off as nut jobs, he can be utterly disrespectful. I find him very arrogant, and quickly writes others opinions off as stupid. I’ve wanted to call in many times, but it’s not worth my time arguing with someone like him.

I do like hearing Clays thoughts when he is on. I also like to hear the interviews.

But as for Bo, I’m not high on him.

I also agree that Coach b has lost the fan base. Myself included.

I honestly don’t know anyone, that is a strong razorback fan, that believes in him anymore (the many I interact with in my office). Many of my good friends are done, or have been done since last season. Seems that’s the trend… watch out for banners if A&M does to us what I figure will happen.

Bo has good guests and I like hearing Dudley or Clay but if it is just Bo I turn to another station.

Do enjoy Clay, Dudley and Mike that actually bring some content rather than pandering.

His canned callers are no worse than Finebaum’s, although I can’t stand them. Unfortunately you have to wade through the crap to get to the content.


Never listen to talk radio after a loss and base your opinion on what the callers say. Not all the fans are thinking the same thing. I know CBB has lost a lot of support, but we cannot say how much based on a radio call-in show. I like what Dudley has said recently on this board: It’s never as bad as it seems and it’s never as good as it seems. Even people on here admit that a message board is a place where fans go to vent. Same for a radio show. Think about how many thousands of fans out there do not belong to any message board or never call into a talk show.

It’s kind of like taking a political poll as gospel. All that polling meant zilch and was highly misleading on November 8, 2016. I know many people when they were called by pollsters hung up. Only those who want to vent tend to be on message boards and radio shows. Others may be taking a wait-and-see approach.

IMO, setting aside all the talk shows, callers, internet boards, and media, etc. I really believe as CBB drove home Saturday might…for the first time as coach he thought to himself…“I’m in some real trouble here and may not survive this”

I hope he is worried - what he is doing is not working

What Jeff Long is doing is not working - at least in football

I think Jeff Long is a University man and he isn’t really invested in the program being the state program

As an educator he really isn’t that interested in wins (my assumption) it’s good if you have them but it’s not what drives him

Under his leadership the program will continue to focus on character development not wins

Imho - he could accomplish much more Doug character development partnering with ROTC and other programs

If your really not invested in winning - you don’t need a new statium and you really don’t need a football team in the SEC - just join the old USA conf

I’m pretty jaded now - our future is bleak - soon again every Arkansas game will be homecoming fir the schools that take football seriously - it’s humiliating to think the state is represented in such a way - satisfied with the moral character trophy and participation trophy … -arkansas/

Jeff Long needs to confirm championships are what he is working for at Arkansas - else we know he is perfectly happy measuring Arkansas against Mizzou at the end of the year - a game NO One cares about - the ONLY reason it gets watched is it’s all that is on TV at the time of the game
(That will change)

As for Bo - I see him as a guy a stickt to make a buck - he isn’t a fan - the people of Arkansas are simply a way to make a buck because WE care - he only cares he gets paid and if he can embarrass an emotional Arkansas fan to mimic Fibebsum - he will

He is t Clay - who has roots here and investment in the people and state