Listening to 103.7 in the car today

Justin Acree had the Ark St A.D, Mojahir (sp?) on. He referred to the P5 or Power 5 conferences as the “E5” or as he explained it the “economy 5.” Is that a thing now? Or was it just some attempt by a small school AD taking a jab at the larger schools? I still couldn’t quite figure out where he got the term “economy.”

I have not heard that term before. If they are “economy,” then the rest are just “busted.”

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I’ve never heard that…until now.

We had an interview with him a few months ago and he kept referring to it as the “Autonomy 5.”

I suppose I could have misheard him. It’s possible he said “Autonomy 5” & “A5”, but I don’t think so. He said it a couple of time. Maybe he’s just searching for some disparaging nickname he hopes will stick. However, “autonomy 5” makes more sense than “economy 5.”

I believe you have hit the nail on the proverbial head.


Mohajir will use any and every opportunity possible to take a jab or make a sarcastic comment about Arkansas or the P5. It is his MO.

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It is the entire ASU M.O. It’s why I got sick of them way back when I was in HS & attended events there. It’s also why we need to ignore them & why HY is making a mistake by making them a rival.

Sounds like another ASU soundbite in their efforts to appear relevant by trying to degrade UofA & Power5.

There was a time that I was somewhat supportive of ASU, ONLY because they were another school in Arkansas, but not anymore.

UofA needs to ignore ASU & not let them & specific journalists polarize the State of Arkansas.

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It’s worth noting the SEC medical task force referred to it as “Autonomy 5” in its return-to-play protocol document that was released today. I’m pretty sure Autonomy 5 is an NCAA term. Power 5 was coined by media.

The NCAA does designate the P5 as autonomy conferences, meaning they have power to make their own rules in 11 specific areas without worrying about the ASUs (or Hendrixes) of the world interfering. That’s NCAA rule if anyone cares.

I have now seen that term, too. I think I simply misunderstood Mohajer. He said “automony” & I heard “economy.” However, I know when Acri said “Power 5” Mohajr said he preferred to call them “autonomy 5.”

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