Listened to Franks PC

First let me say I dont know if he is a good x’s and o’ s coach but I gotta believe with his attention to the chemistry of the team and holding himself and his senior leaders accountable for the progress and the maintaining of success of the team that he is a wonderful all-around coach I know he just lost to the Razorbacks but that is what a great coach sounds like after a loss he sounded very disappointed and it seems as if if he was your teammate that you wouldn’t want to piss him off . Also what he’s doing is he’s trying to ruffle the feathers of those that are not producing on his team and get his senior leaders to step up and take initiative and ownership of disciplining the teammates whether that be verbal or physical totally different from what we hear from Mike Anderson when we have lost a game. His actions as a coach are either going to make that team stronger or cause separation if the team is weak

Mr. Dark Cloud, right on cue…

Alternate view: Frank is just as much responsible for what their team does as MA is for ours. He has identified a problem with his team’s mindset, but has not been able to fix it, or doesn’t feel he can fix it; what I heard in that video was basically throwing his entire team under the bus. How is that any different than Mike’s failing to fix the slow starts (we had another one tonight), or the switching on the perimeter (lately fixed by playing more zone), or any of the other issues that Mike’s critics regularly decry?

If you had to give interesting, informative press conferences to be a good coach, Belichick would never have won a game. I rarely listen to interviews of active politicians, coaches, or players. I don’t get why fans want reassurance that the coach knows what’s wrong with his team after a loss. If he doesn’t know, it doesn’t help that you know that he doesn’t know. If he does know, why should he give the info to you and future opponents? It’s simple. Win, I’m happy. Lose, nothing is going to make me feel better. I personally wouldn’t react well to coaches using public press conferences to motivate me.

Man, I hope there are not 22 of you.