Listened to Coach Bret on Bo Podcast

I really like Coach Bret wish it had worked out

Enjoyed his commentary and his williness to speak to his time as Arkansas Football Coach

Wish him well - I think it was just a case of recuiting failure

Now hoping Coach Morris can pull it off

Sounds like the SEC and National Media isn’t giving Arkansas much of s chance

Like there is Such a drought of talent at Arkansas that The Razorbacks Are toast - or a “pig roast”

Good - fly under the radar

Hoping Coach Morris and these Razorbacks can price them wrong

I will never figure out how you can lead at halftime 27-0 and lose the game. But I doubt if it is talent.

That’s a valid observation - I have an Army buddy who is a huge Ohio St fan and he warned me that Coach Bret would lose some head scratchers where your going :” how did he lose that one?”

The one you mention fits in that category

I like Coach Bret’s personality but it was time to go

Actually I thought Bret was going to be a great hire and I still like him actually, but I thnk the big problem was his staff as the head coach actually does not really oversee individual players as much as the position coaches do and the head coach is the boss but not the guy who develops the individual players. And I think the Hogs halftime sessions were missing something.

Sam Pittman’s exit was the beginning of the end for Bret.

This. Once our offense started to decline (and our QB started getting pummeled) it never recovered. Success in football all starts on the O and D line, especially in the SEC

It was a combination of not having enough good O and D-linemen and not being able to adjust to the halftime adjustments of our opponents. Liked the guy a lot personally, but it was time for a change.WPS!

Slight point of clarification: it was 24-0 at halftime. And it is pretty easy to see how Arkansas lost the game. Virginia Tech had four scoring drives of 5, 8, 30 and 44 yards in the second half. When you commit a bunch of turnovers, you typically lose, no matter how much talent you have. Arkansas gift-wrapped four touchdowns in that game, then fumbled at the end of a 74-yard reception that would have given it first-and-goal at the 1.

I was thinking that but don’t haven’t researched it - but on first glance - I thought exactly the same thing

That gift wrapping is a coaching failure

Either from focus or technique (number of pressure points on the football - two hand cover of ball before going down - letting your body take the hit not the ball etc)

Not dissected each fumble but … this does test at coaching when it comes to 5 fumbles

Speaking of fumbles - I can’t resist

In 1998 Clint was down because his hand planted the ball on the ground before it left his hand - EOEK should never have had the ball following that play (that fumble is like a failed catch of a fly ball - seared in my memory )

I digress:

Still I really like Coach Bret - I wish it had worked

But so much more confident with this new guy

Please forgive the stream of consciousness and oppion flailing

I don’t get to talk to Razirback fans much in the Bluegrass

Sometimes I’m like a starving man on a desert island

Not all of the turnovers were fumbles. Three were interceptions. As I recall, most were pressure-induced because of the poor blocking up front, which goes back to the lack of line play after Sam Pittman left.

Exactly. And I disagree with those who say this is a coaching failure. You can bet protecting the football, etc are not only practiced, but are properly taught. The simple fact is, a coach can’t control most of what happens on the field. He can call plays, but players still have to execute. Even talented players can screw up. That fumble into the EZ that cost us a 1 & goal at the one is an example. Kid reached to put the ball across the plane. Didn’t work. I see it happen all the time & I also see coaches get upset. Sh** happens on the field. Happened in the CWS on that pop fly.

He’s a stand up guy. But it didn’t work out. And I promise you if he was at Bama, OSU, CLEM, UGA, USC, etc, he wouldn’t be losing too many games, if any. Talent and depth wins, talent and depth is easier to coach, and he wasn’t on the field turning it over.

And the reasons we are picked almost last in the SEC is due to awful recruiting, lack of depth, a new and very questionable coach, and playing in the SEC West. Now we have to hope that we get better.

I actually agree with you on every point except one - the questionable coach one.

Coach Morris clearly has more support in the college football world than he does with you.

But we get it.

A TD on what should have been first-and-goal at the 1 would have been huge to stop Va. Tech’s momentum. But if ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it’d be Christmas all year long. Last I checked, it’s not Christmas and CBB is no longer the coach. Hope CCM can get it done.

This hurt, but him not replacing Pittman with a coach that

  1. had a resume worthy of coaching an oline in the SEC

  2. had a resume of recruiting in the areas where Arkansas must recruit to be successful

The first cause of concern was replacing Charlie Partridge.

In the end, his downfall was his failure to hire a complete staff that had strong ties to the areas where Arkansas must recruit. Lets also be honest in that Coach B lost a bit of interest in recruiting, he didnt like the direction it was going, he did not embrace it.

Good guy. Was a bit arrogant when he first got there but that cooled off, I liked him personally.

But I can’t say I think he’s even a good coach. I don’t know if he ever gets another major coaching job, maybe at a school like Kansas with Jeff, but the failed attempts of guys who learned under (and utilized ) Barry Alvarez’s program doesn’t sit well, I’m sure. Had potentially the worst game day coaching I’ve ever seen. I think he prepared well for the first half, generally, but football has a 2nd half and he was terrible at the 2nd half.

For me, being younger, I never thought the players really gave him their all. He was not a motivator, he was not a lead by example guy, and I think those things are extremely crucial. He also killed the swagger with those horrendous black cleats, with his no good looking cleat rule, or whatever you want to call it. Look good, feel good, play good, ask prime time.

In the end, whether he’s a good coach or not, half the battle is hiring as well, and that’s probably what really got him fired. He made some bad hires, and lost his best hires.

Bowl game turnovers vs VT: Three interceptions, the fumble Drew Morgan lost when he was stretching out for the goal line. People didn’t used to stretch out for the EZ like that and it’s not a good development. I was at the Arkansas-Florida basketball game and didn’t get to see the second half so I can’t comment on the specifics of how the INTs happened.

But I do know that they coached Alex Collins to hold the ball high and tight and as a result his fumbles went way down. Watch his run at Baton Rouge against LSU and how he carried it. Up under his chin basically. Tre’davious White was not going to strip that ball out even if he got a chance.


I have confidence in CCM. If you saw him coaching, you would too. And, I think CCM will be successful because of his Texas recruiting ties. They are getting it done in recruiting.

Man, you just don’t know how badly I hope that you are correct. Almost every day I get on WHS hoping to see one or more new committments, preferably with outstanding credentials. The long dearth of these reports are causing me great concern. At my age, I certainly don’t have many more years to wait for championship football at my beloved UofA (whoops, sorry ADG, forgot to include the Fayetteville), and I am hungry for continuing good news sooner rather than later. Based on your last sentence, I will continue looking for the great news that is coming. WPS!!!