Listened to All The Flagrant 1 Call Bashing on

Satellite radio all afternoon on the road to Lafayette, LA(twins playing in a tournament this weekend). I am sick of hearing about the call! You would think we had NO chance of winning that game without the F-1 call.
I hope we come out strong against UNC & erase all doubt that we’re legit. I worry that the refs will have plenty of make up call bias against us vs UNC & call a bunch of ticky tack fouls against us. We don’t need the refs working against us in that game, bc UNC is plenty a load already.

don’t worry. Mike got his make up call from the sec. now things should go pretty even from here on. :roll: :roll: :roll: ya right

hey watch out for that bear tho for real :evil: Mike’s coat is staying off all game count on it. i hope he goes with the all red blazer. i guess he won’t tho since pelphrey kind of ruined that look for everybody :smiley:

at least i know our kids take their own tests and write their own papers no matter what happens. still would be nice to get one on the hardwood tho. they may have knocked us out the last three, buy we still got that one on mj anything can happen wps :sunglasses:

Guess what. They are not going to go back and change it. 77 - 71 WPS

All the criticism of that call annoyed me, too. First, it was clearly the correct call. The player made no play on the ball at all. He pushed Barfield from behind. If people don’t like the rule, change it, but that’s the rule. Now, I agree with the idea that the refs might not have seen how blatant it was had he not been tripped & fallen as part of the same act, but that’s not the issue. It was the correct call. Besides, if it had been called a common foul, we were still ahead at that point & were likely to win the game. (Remember, too, that Macon only made one of his two FT’s when he was fouled on the subsequent inbounds pass that took about .2 sec off the clock. The flagrant part of that call ended up giving us only 1 point.). We won because SH couldn’t score on their next possession.)

People act like you see a defender push a player to the ground from behind in every game when one team is trying to stop the clock. You don’t. College players are taught how to give fouls in those situations. It was a bonehead play by Rodriguez. However, the ref was supposed to ignore it and screw Arkansas in the interest of making a more exciting game, which in all likelihood was going to have the same outcome. I didn’t see a lot of calls for the refs to ignore the foul by Fisher-Davis because Vandy didn’t intend to give a foul. SH screwed up. Part of the game.

The refs already call ticky tack fouls against us. That isn’t about to change.

True, and one other point to add: SH only scored 3 points in the last 6 minutes or so of the game. Our constant pressure with a deep bench wore them out by the end of the game.