List of portal commitments

Hey y’all,

Is there a running list of portal commitments somewhere that I may have missed?

As I predicted, I think Sam and his staff are doing a great job. I think in the end we will all be happy. And remember, in the portal we recruit to need. And we know where the greatest needs happen to be.

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Here’s our portal list, coming and going, Robbie.

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Beautiful. Thanks bro.

Where are Eric Thomas and M Hornsby going. I don’t recognize the mascots.

Also, Jackson Woodard is going to UNLV. I didn’t see him listed.

Pinned them at the top.


That lists Hornsby to Texas State. That’s new. Thomas is Southern Miss (hint: if you hover your mouse over the mascot/logo it will give you the link to that school’s page)

Richard how much does Armstrong have left?

on3 has Malik going to Texas State also.

we have at least 15 kids without an arrival destination. Some like Domineck can be really choosy.

Two. Added that. I realized I didn’t list it.

We are number 25 in the transfer portal rankings. I see where Ole Miss is brought in 3 -4 star receivers. Auburn and LSU look like they’re killing it number three and four respectively… they both have brought in 2- 4-star DL. That is where we’re going to have to get help hopefully we can eventually get some

Yeah, it’s a little discouraging that we haven’t added more with as many spots as we have open. Seems like we can offer playing time on a solid team on top of that.

on3 has a proprietary measure that has as improving despite only 8 in now (9) and 25 out. Addition by subtraction is what they came up with. We are 5th, but it is not a straight up team vs team ranking. Gotta admit we are getting good kids. On3 is not going to share or tell you how they came up with our ranking.

We aren’t near done getting portal players.

The Hogs have to figure out a way to get SEC DL! They should dedicate 100% of their recruiting resources for 2 years to signing DL

Best way I know to go 0-12. Let’s ignore the other 18 positions and focus solely on DL. SMH.

I’m sure there trying to get them but I know for sure the 3 man DL is being used against us. They’re telling them why would you want to go there and be double-teamed your whole career which is what a very good NT will be facing.

I think we’re going to a 4 man front and hopefully that will help us out because until we get that it’s going to be hard to ever have a great defense.

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Being somewhat facetious, but they need to hit the DL and Secondary very hard

Let’s get real here. We need to upgrade EVERYWHERE if we’re going to compete for SEC championships, which in turn means nattys. If you’re good enough to win the SEC, you’re good enough to win the natty. Personally, I’m a lot more concerned with the secondary than I am the DL. If the DL doesn’t win, it’s second and 5. If the DBs get beat, the other band starts playing. But we need OL, DL, WR, TE, DB, LB, RB, and yes, QB. We need a quality QB in every class; don’t just assume that Criswell or Singleton is the man for 2024 and beyond.

I think Odom went with the 3-3-5 because that’s what we had, but I hope we can transition into a 4-man front.

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The other train of thought is you take any and all “freaks”, then build around that. If you get the right freaks, then you run what makes the best use of what you have. When you end up with DMac, Felix, and Hillis, then you run the Wild Hog and put all three on the field and make other teams figure out how to stop you.

That said, I don’t see many true freaks on this team- especially on D.

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