List of NBA combine invitees is out

And, per Jon Rothstein, JD Notae isn’t on it. JWill is, which we pretty much already knew.

About half the Gonzaga roster is invited as well.

Notae did get an invite to the G-League Camp in Chicago just before the NBA Combine. I believe they invite the top 9 from that camp to the NBA Combine, so he still has a shot to make it.

Unless Jaylin has a bad combine, I don’t see him coming back.

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I tend to agree RD. I dont look for him to have a bad camp either.

Amazing an all SEC & 3rd team All American doesn’t get direct invite to the combine.


Thanks Richard. Been waiting on you to finally just come out and say that Jaylin isn’t returning to Arkansas next season.

Yes. Sometimes I just don’t understand what the NBA looks for in college basketball players. There are several names on this G-league list that I would have guaranteed would be at the combine.

Marcus Sasser - Houston. He missed the last 2/3rds of the season with a toe injury. I don’t know the status of his injury, but I’d be surprised if a toe injury would drop him this far. I would have thought he would be a sure 1st rounder.

David McCormick - Kansas I thought he was one of the top big men in the country.

Just because JD was never in anyone’s mock drafts, I assumed he wouldn’t be invited. I would imagine his big 3 point % drop this season (.335 to .297) had an adverse reaction from NBA scouts. I’d think he would get a free agent contract with an NBA team, to at least see if he’s improved his shot in this off-season. At his size, he’ll probably need to be a knock down 3 point shooter to make a team.

My initial gut said he would come back because I thought he needed to improve his offensive game but if you’re invited to the combine that’s a good indication of the interest level teams have.

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On the other hand, there are only 60 picks in the NBA draft and more than 60 people were invited to the combine. So it’s not a lock that JWill would even be drafted just based on getting the invitation. It’s a pretty safe guess that JD won’t be drafted, unless somebody thinks they can get him for a steal and don’t want others checking him out up there.

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Based on what I heard last night, I highly doubt he’s not drafted. If he tanks at the combine, all bets off.

Do you believe, that JWill will stay in the draft even if he gets a mid to late 2nd round grade? Or, based on what you heard, is he expected to go higher than that?

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In other words, what’d you hear last night?

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NBA front office person was very high on him and didn’t think going back to college would help him for next year’s draft. Next year’s crop of bigs appears to be deep.

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I suppose they consider him for his defense at today’s level, because coming back to Arkansas would be his opportunity to make fair bucks, finish his degree, and advance his offensive game. His defense can’t improve that much more, though you could see his development improve every game.

We will be a totally different team without J Will. Not saying its a bad thing but just different. With Black, Walsh and Smith we will most likely see a much more faster paced team.

I think J Will can do very well in the league. He plays a lot like Draymond Green and Draymond scores like 6 points a game.


I think it’s a bad thing for this upcoming season. What makes it a bad thing, is primarily from the loss of his leadership, on and off the floor. He was our best passer, rebounder, and big man defender.

Having said that, if he has a chance at a late first round pick, he should stay in the draft. I would never hold that against him and wish him the best. I will be a fan of the team that drafts him.


I love JWill, but another player will step up into the leadership role vacated by him, if need be. My initial thought would be Devo taking over his role as the vocal team leader next season, assuming JWill doesn’t return.

I have yet to find one mock draft that has JWill as a 1st round pick, and I look every day. I just can’t wrap my head around why he would give up all the great things that could happen to him…and the team…next year to be a 2nd rounder this year. Again, 2nd round picks get NO guarantees. I just don’t get it.

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I wonder how many people realize that there are two JWill’s in the draft. There is Jalen Williams (Santa Clara) who is being projected in the Top 35. And then there is Jaylin Williams (our JWill), who has seemed to have slid out of the draft completely

What does your Crystal ball tell you baked? You’re usually pretty even-keeled and knowledgable about these types of situations.