List of JUCOs we're recruiting

So, it’s been a lot of JUCO names dropped within the last week or so, just starting this thread to keep track of all of them.

Tyson Jolly (Sophomore 6-4 Combo Guard, Trinity Vally CC) … tyson_b3c1

Jalon Pipkins (Sohomore 6-4 Combo Guard, Paris Junior College) … ipkinshlcl

Sean Miller-Moore (Sophomore 6-5 Wing, Moberly Area) … rmoorefsoo

Sardaar Calhoun (Freshman Qualifier? 6-6 Wing, Missouri State-West Plains) … rdaar_6n3t

Javon Franklin (Freshman Qualifier, 6-7 PF, Holmes Community College) … anklinu6zj

Just from watching videos and reading on these guys… My tier list would be like this.

  1. Tyson Jolly - I think he’s the cream of the crop, instant impact guy, think he’s a day 1 starter. The guy puts up triple doubles in JUCO. This is the type of guy if they land, it’s Barford like results.
  2. Sardaar Calhoun - Great shooter, good size, has the best offers among the bunch, still waiting on 1 class to be a qualifier this year, if he does, he’s going to be highly sought after. I think we can see Mason Jones like impact from him as far as his ability to shoot the ball.
  3. Javon Franklin - We all know about Javon, athletic, quick, good defender, and would have 3 years left, I think he would be an instant upgrade at the 4 spot if fully healthy.
  4. Jalon Pipkens - Really athletic kid, watched his highlights he can jump out of the gym, plus he shoots the ball really well at 37%.
  5. Sean Miller-Moore - Another athletic kid, nice size at 6-5, think he would definitely help strengthen the bench if they add him.

Also, wanted to ask RD are we recruiting this guy? … ew=profile

we need Tyson, Pipkens, and Franklin, from Juco then Raymond Hawkins and Diwarri from highschool that means we need both Ibby and Ethan both to move on

6’10 SF hmmm…

As far as I know, they’re still on Doudou Gueye as well. Last week he went for 15 & 11 and 12 & 6. Also only had 2 TO’s in 50 minutes of PT. TO’s have been an issue for him. … ugueyeunuu

Really like the look of Jolly and Calhoun…for a guard, Pipkins seems to turn it over a bit too much.

RD has said Jolly, he was the guy that RD mentioned last week and wouldn’t give a name (the info had not been released yet). Today, he mentioned him.

As for Pipkins, I’m not sure. Blu usually looks for Kevin McPherson (very good on the b-ball recruiting front), maybe he mentioned him.

Yeah, I haven’t been on the board much. Saw they were mentioned below and by McPherson.

Jolly looks like a Barford clone. I meant Calhoun instead of Pipkins. Pipkins looks to have some ball security issues for a guard.

This is the most critical recruiting season for Mike. Next year will definitely be a make or break year for him. He is going to have to recruit against a lot of negativity, but that is nothing new for coaches and many coaches face that around the nation,

He needs to be very careful in evaluating talent and needs to get “ready for prime time” players and not players that he has to develop. Mike prefers developing players and molding them to his way of basketball. He is going to have to put that aside for now,

All the best to Mike.

I agree with you on this. If you watch the highlights of some these guys, you’ll see he’s on the right guys. Now whether he gets them or not is the key

Mike has done very good evaluating and getting good JuCo talent when needed.
It’s needed again for sure.

He’s plays PF/C for his JUCO team. I’m assuming if staff is recruiting him that’s what he’d play here.

Very true. When I see us on JUCO’s I always feel really good, more times than not we get who we want in the JUCO ranks. We’ve had 2 JUCO players that have seen NBA action in Macon and Clarke, with another in Barford that’s very close to getting a 10 day contract. Huge selling point to those JUCO guys. I’m not sure if there’s any other coach active coach that can claim the JUCO success we’ve had. I know Hoiberg could at Iowa State, but he’s not in college basketball right now.

How many players can be sign in basketball next year?

They had zero scholarships going into the season.

Now they have one with Jordan Phillips transferring to UT-Arlington. That will go to Justice Hill.

Gafford is likely to leave - so that would be two.

Khalil Garland may be put on medical hardship - that would be three.

If they sign four, someone would have to leave on their own or ushered out the door.

Ok Dudley,

Honest question here. You have said since the beginning of the season that you expected AR to sign four. Mike’s mantra is recruit them and the numbers will work themselves out. He failed to do that with Portis and Qualls year. Now, it seems he didn’t follow his own mantra again this year. Can you explain why?

My adopted son plays at Bossier Parish Community College and they played Paris Juco a few weeks ago. Paris showed up with 7 players and half the team looked very average in warm ups. Bossier has a kid going to Nevada, ULM and East Carolina. Two other kids, including my son, will get D1 offers soon.

That being said Paris gave them all they wanted and Bossier barely won. Pip is the real deal. Big body kid that gets to the hole at will and has a sweet jump shot. We played against him in high school also. Hot Spring plays in a tournament every year in Paris. He was a bad man in high school also.

I wouldn’t be mad at all with Pip!

Good information! You always have really good posts and insights, post more please, we need more this type of info!

My understanding yes. Like I said last week they’re on numerous guys.Some they’ve already backed off of and some they’re still evaluating.