List of dances we won't be attending

  1. The Big Dance aka NCAA tourney

  2. NIT Pickers Ball.

  3. CBI

  4. CSI Charmin Mark Harmon has more rhythm than our Offense

  5. CSNY- Hard to dance to that folksy hippie stuff anyway

  6. CBB Which I think is played in Coach Bielema’s driveway

  7. Daddy Daughter Dance Even the little girls don’t want to be seen with us

  8. Junior-Senior Prom- Despite the fact that we have several of both

  9. American Bandstand. Yeah we got a beat (down) but you can’t dance to it

10 Soul Train No moves, can’t move our feet on Defense. We would be laughed out of the studio

Ha ha, that’s actually pretty funny

Tip my hat to you, funniest thing I’ve read on here in forever, woke my wife up laughing she didn’t think it was funny at all !WPS

You gave the Razorbacks plenty options; but how can anyone dance when they just shot themselves on the foot.

Looks like I spoke too soon and can begin planning my crowe dinner. Our S.I.D. informed me yesterday that the invitation for the Daddy-Daughter dance arrived on Friday. :wink:

It’s all good

Reply; so much for that prediction , it appears the hawgs are dancing

I enjoyed your creativity. :stuck_out_tongue: